Editorials: DC Comics


- Happy 77th Anniversary to Action Comics #1

- 75th Anniversary: The New Adventures of Superman's Lois and Clark: From Rivals to Romance

- 75th Anniversary: Smallville's Lois and Clark: Their Journey to Love and Journalism

- The New 52's Wasted Potential of Lois and Clark

- Highly Recommend: 5 Books New Fans of Poison Ivy Should Read

- Tim Drake's Teen Titans, will they be in DC Comics Rebirth?

- Laurel Lance: The Reason I Kept Watching Arrow

- Throwback Thursday: The Catwoman Movie

- Catwoman, Will She Be in the DC Comics Rebirth?

- Wonder Woman Movie, Where is Phillipus?

- I Miss Superman!

- Found Online: Another Terrible Interview with Wonder Woman Writer Meredith Finch

- Is Catwoman's New Sexuality Nothing More Than Another Gimmick?

- Why I Might Pass On Watching iZombie? (with Trailer for iZombie)

- Why isn't the Static Shock complete series on DVD/Blu-ray yet?

- Is There Trouble Brewing Already With the New Creative Team for the New 52 Wonder Woman Series?

- Where is Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe) in the New 52?

- Is DC Comics Planning on Killing off Dick Grayson?

- Is Beware The Batman Getting Cancelled?

- Is Wonder Woman Losing Her Popularity? Part One: Possible Cause: Her Origin

- Is Wonder Woman Losing Her Popularity? Part Two: Possible Cause: New 52 Comic Books

- Why is Batman in the Man of Steel Sequel?

- Four Reasons Why DC Comics May Have Dropped in Market Share

- There's No Happiness for Alan Scott (Green Lantern) and Sam of Earth 2

- Carrie Kelley as the new Robin? Please say No!

- Lois Lane is Now the Mother of Superboy!

- Isn't it Sad what DC Comics is doing to Wonder Woman in the comic, Injustice Gods Among Us?

- DC Comics Has Hit A New Low With Teen Titans #17

- Bad News for Damian Wayne (Spoiler)

DC Comics, Why is Lois Lane Still being Treated Poorly?

- Why is Wonder Woman So Dumbed Down in the New 52 Justice League?
- Does DC Comics Really Love Their Fans?
- What I think of the characters from the Superman movie
- Does DC Comics Hate Lois Lane?
- DC Comics' Super Power Couple List? Is Your Favorite Couple listed?
- Wonder Woman's New Role as Superman's New Girlfriend

Lois Lane Friday

- Lois Lane, Journalistic Integrity and the Current State of Journalism

- In Praise of the Promotion of Lois Lane for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

- Gwenda Bond writing a third novel for the Lois Lane book series

- Fashion Meets Comics: Lois Lane (Superman: The Animated Series)

- Career Advice From Lois Lane

- The Supergirl TV Show's Lack of Respect for Lois Lane

- What makes Lois Lane a great reporter?

- What Does Lois Lane Mean to Me?

- DC Comics, Where Is the Official Lois Lane Merchandise?

- Two Lois Lane Books To Be Published In 2016

Book News and My Favorite Live-Action Version

Tim Dake Tuesday

- Two Must Read Robin Books

- Red Robin #1 (with a little commentary)

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