About Me

Hi, I'm Courtney but everyone generally calls me "The Book Girl" because I'm either reading books or talking about them. I'm a total bookworm, I started this blog as a way to post my reviews and any books that I find interesting and I might like to read. I love reading all types of genres but one of my favorites is mystery because I love the drama and suspense and trying to solve the crime and figure out who did it.

My book motto is: "If it interest me, I'll read it!"

I'm also considered a "Girly Geek" but a geek none the less. I love geek culture and pretty much anything that's fandom related such as comic books, movies, TV shows, etc. I also love art which you can find in my popular "Art of the Day" post, I found it's a great way to showcase some of the amazing artwork that's out there.

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