Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Comic Book Wednesday: December 13th Picks

My plans for picking up my comics this evening might be derailed, it's a big snow storm blowing through. I guess I'll have to pick them up this weekend. Anyway, I have two new holiday books on my list: Archie Christmas Spectacular and My Little Pony Holiday Special.

I'm debating whether to take Wonder Woman off my list because I am not enjoying this current arc for the series. The New 52 Wonder Woman series had a problem with focusing on everyone but Wonder Woman and it appears this current arc is continuing on with it. This series needs a new writer.

Anyway, here's my list:

Archie Comics

Archie Christmas Spectacular #1

Book: Archie Christmas Spectacular #1


Get ready for a Christmas spectacular featuring some of Archie's most festively fun stories!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy Hanukkah!

I want to wish all my readers who celebrate Hanukkah a wonderful holiday. May your festival of lights be filled with love and happiness.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poster: Luke Skywalker

I hope "The Last Jedi" doesn't mean it's the end for Luke Skywalker. Because with the death of Carrie Fisher and Han Solo is no more, Luke is the last connection to the original trinity of Star Wars heroes.

I'm both excited and anxious to see this movie.

Book Nerd Problems: People Tearing Pages from Reference Books

A Book Nerd Problem that truly annoy me is when someone rips out the pages of a book especially if it's a reference book. Since not every bit of information can be found online sometimes you have to go to the library. And after searching through the reference books and finally finding the book you were looking for only to find out that the pages with the information you need have been torn out. Is so annoying.

I don't know how many times that happened to me while I was in college but it was enough times that it was really irritating. Because not only did I not get the information I was looking for, I had to let one of the librarians know about the damaged book so they can reorder it, if possible. Because sometimes really old books can't be reordered.

Anyway, it's so infuriating which is why I can totally relate to Mason Hewitt's expression in Teen Wolf's 5th season 11th episode "The Last Chimera". In that scene, Mason was left speechless after his best friend Liam Dunbar tore a page from a reference book before they left their high school library. The look on his face pretty much conveyed that he couldn't believe Liam would do such a horrible thing. He actually stood there for a few seconds not saying anything as he tried to process what just happened.

Mason is one of my favorite characters but the fact that he's definitely a book nerd who can appreciate leaving reference books intact pretty much keeps him at the top of my list.

(Teen Wolf season 5 episode 11: The Last Chimera)

DVD Tuesday: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Even though I'm a huge action movie fan, I still haven't seen the first Kingsman movie but I will soon since I ordered it a couple of days ago. I'm going to try to get this sequel sometime this week because I really want to see both movies.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle


With their headquarters destroyed and the world held hostage, members of Kingsman find new allies when they discover a spy organization in the United States known as Statesman. In an adventure that tests their strength and wits, the elite secret agents from both sides of the pond band together to battle a ruthless enemy and save the day, something that's becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gift Guide: Cozy & Comfy

'Tis the season for lounging and being warm and cozy. I found a few items that could be wonderful gifts for the friend or family member who loves to sit back and relax after a long day. Whether they are watching they're favorite TV shows and movies, reading a good book or doing absolutely nothing at all, these gifts will keep them nice and cozy.

Hoodie and Sweatshirt

Softspun Crop Sequin Hoodie                             $59.95                        Gap (

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Art of the Day: Storm

Artwork: Ororo Munroe by Mystic-Oracle

Dylan O'Brien at the CCXP (Comic Con Experience)

Dylan O'Brien who rarely attends comic cons was in São Paulo, Brazil yesterday (Dec. 8th) greeting fans and giving interviews while he attended CCXP (Comic Con Experience). He was there to promote the upcoming The Death Cure movie.

From greeting fans to being interviewed, the highlight for many fans was O'Brien headlining The Death Cure panel. Fans who attended that were the first to see the movie's official trailer before it was posted online.

Here a few pictures from the panel and two CCXP promotional pictures.

Fashion Meets Comics: Darth Vader Cape Jacket

I'm usually all about the heroes but I would totally wear this Darth Vader Cape Jacket. It's definitely something I would gravitate to because it's very geek chic. I'd pair this with a t-shirt, jeans and cool pair of sneaker or boots.  

Star Wars Darth Vader Cape Jacket                                 $39.90                    Her Universe (

Friday, December 8, 2017

Currently Reading: A Second Helping and X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever

After taking nearly a week off from reading, I'm back with two very different books.

A Second Helping is apparently the second book in a series that I've never read. This is also the first time I'm reading something by this author. Since I haven't read the first book, I'm hoping this is written in a way that's easy to follow along with a woman trying to help revitalize a small town while solving some of the resident's problems.

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever, is a five issue miniseries that follows a mutant who is trying to figure out where he fits in.

Both stories seem interesting and I can't wait to read them.

Book: A Seconding Helping (Blessings book #2) by Beverly Jenkins

Edition: Paperback


With the millions she received after divorcing her faithless tycoon husband, Bernadine Brown saved the historic town of Henry Adams, Kansas, from financial ruin and found loving homes for five needy children. Now there are other "projects" crying out for rescue.

If ever a town institution needed rescuing, it's the beloved Dog and Cow diner. Once it was Henry Adams' social center -- or gossip central! -- now it's in danger of becoming duct-tape central. But there are other distractions pulling Bernadine from the task at hand: a plethora of romantic entanglements, including her own with a disturbingly attractive Malachi July; a bitter young boy newly arrived in town with his widowed father; and a fugitive on the run with a six-hundred-pound pet pig that's wanted for murder (the pig, that is). And When Bernadine's philandering, troublemaking ex-husband rolls into town looking for a second chance, life in Henry Adams gets very interesting indeed.

Book: X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever (issues #1-5) by Max Bemis, illustrations by Michael Walsh, color by Ruth Redmond and letters by VC's Clayton Cowles

Edition: Single Print Issues


Bailey Hoskins has just discovered that he's a mutant. For someone who's never been special, never stood out, this could be his big moment. But as he gains entry into the halls of Xavier's School for Gifted Children, what exactly is his gift?

He's used to being hated, but is he anything to be feared? Bailey struggles to find a place alongside his fellow students, but the X-Universe is a big one - perhaps Mystique will see his potential. Or could Magneto have just the mission for him? Max Bemis, front man of the band Say Anything, makes his Marvel debut with the story of a misfit among misfits, just trying to fit in. Bailey Hoskins? Worst. X-Man. Ever.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Must See TV: Psych: The Movie

Okay, who's watching Psych: The Movie tonight? It's already being lauded as the reunion special we Psych fans have to see. I really can't wait to see this, the entire cast has returned for this two hour movie.

Psych: The Movie                                        8:00 PM EST            USA Network

Art of the Day: Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Artwork: Mai by cha-no-ki