Book Girl's Master List of Book Reviews

This list is a user friendly way of finding all of the novels and books that I have reviewed on this site. It will be updated regularly.

Books Organized by Author:


- Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices

- Girls' Night In

- Horror Stories: Classic Tales From Hoffman to Hodgson

- Neptune Noir: Unauthorized Investigations into Veronica Mars

- Santa, Baby

- To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful

- Women in Clothes

- Zombies: More Recent Dead


Alina Adams
- Murder on Ice (A Figure Skating Mystery book #1)

Ellery Adams
- A Killer Collection (Antiques & Collectible Mysteries book #1)

- The Dark Lady (Sherlock, Lupin and Me book #1)

Sheila Agnew
- Evie Brooks is Marooned in Manhattan (Evie Brooks book #1)

Luvvie Ajayi
- I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual

Jose Alaniz
- Death, Disability and the Superhero: The Silver Age and Beyond 

Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen
- Treachery in Bordeaux (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #1)
- The Grand Cru Heist (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #2)
- Nightmare in Burgundy (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #3)
- Deadly Tasting (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #4)
- Cognac Conspiracies (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #5)
- Mayhem in Margaux (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #6)
- Flambé in Armagnac (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #7)
- Montmartre Mysteries (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #8)
- Backstabbing in Beaujolais (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #9)
- Tainted Tokay (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #11)
- Red-Handed in Romanee-Conti (Winemaker Detective Mysteries book #12)

Enigma Alberti with illustrations by Tony Cliff
- Spy on History: Mary Bowser and the Civil War Spy Ring

Alana Albertson
- The Snow Queen

Sarah Addison Allen
- The Sugar Queen
- Garden Spells (Waverley Family book #1)

Julia Alvarez
- How the Garica Girls Lost Their Accents

Kevin J. Anderson
- Slimy Underbelly (Dan Shamble, Zombie PI book #4)

Sheryl J. Anderson
- Killer Heels (Molly Forrester Mystery book #1)

Isabelle Andover
- Cocktails at Le Carmen

Maya Angelou
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Maya Angelou's Autobiography book #1)

Tom Angleberger
- The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (Origami Yoda book #1)

Cathleen Armstrong
- One More Last Chance (A Place to Call Home book #2)
- At Home in Last Chance (A Place to Call Home book #3)

A.C. Arthur
- Decadent Dreams
- Rumors

Praveen Asthana
- The Woman in the Movie Star Dress

Carina Axelsson
- Model Undercover: New York (Model Undercover book #2) 

Paula Ayer
- Foodprints: The Story of What We Eat


Anna Baccelliere with illustrations by Ale + Ale
- I Like, I Don't Like

Varsha Bajaj
- Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood

Jodi Baker
- Trust (Between the Lions book #1)

Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper
- Populatti

Lisa Barham
- Accidentally Fabulous (The Fashion-Forward Adventures of Imogene book #3)

Emily Croy Barker
- The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic

Nicolas Barreau
- One Evening in Paris

Patrik Henry Bass
- The Zero Degree Zombie Zone

Natalie Baszile
- Queen Sugar 

Peter Benchley
- Jaws

Brian Michael Bendis
- Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels

Sheryle and Carrie Berk
- Peace, Love and Cupcakes (The Cupcake Club book #1)

Rachel Bertsche
- Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time

 Bernard Besson
- The Greenland Breach

K. Candis Best
- Your Genius Mind: Why You Don't Need to be a College Graduate but You Do Need to Think Like One 

Kate Betts
- My Paris Dream

Maeve Binchy
- A Week in Winter

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
- The Iron Trial (Magisterium book #1)

Juliet Blackwell
- Secondhand Spirits (A Witchcraft Mystery book #1)
- A Cast-Off Coven (A Witchcraft Mystery book #2)
- Hexes and Hemlines (A Witchcraft Mystery book #3)
- In a Witch's Wardrobe (A Witchcraft Mystery book #4)

Gary Blackwood
- Shakespeare's Spy (The Shakespeare Stealer book #3)

Jennifer Bohnet
- A French Piroutette

Ruben Bolling
- Ghostly Thief of Time (EMU Club Adventure book #2)

Gwenda Bond
- Lois Lane: A Real Work of Art
- Lois Lane: Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction

Pseudonymous Bosch
- Bad Magic

Rhys Bowen
- Her Royal Spyness (A Royal Spyness Mystery book #1)

Rhys Bowen and C.M. Broyles
- Dreamwalker (The Red Dragon Academy book #1)

Alan Bradley
- The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce book #1)

Lynne Branard
- The Art of Arranging Flowers

Ann Brashares
- The Here and Now

Amanda Brice
- Pas De Death (Dani Spevak Mystery Series book #3) 

Paul Bristow with illustrations by Luke Newell
- The Superpower Project

Elise Broach
- Shakespeare's Secret

Daniella Brodsky
- Princess of Park Avenue

Max Brooks
- World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Allie Brosh
- Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened

Carolyn J. Brown
- Song of My Life: A Biography of Margaret Walker

Dan Brown
- Deception Point
- The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon book #3)
- Inferno (Robert Langdon book #4)

Kitty Brucknell, Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Olivia Cox
- Are You On The List?

Carol Rifka Brunt
- Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Annie Bryant
- Worst Enemies/Best Friends (Beacon Street Girls book #1)

Tony Burgess
- The n-Body Problem

Frances Hodgson Burnett
- The Secret Garden

Steve Burrows
- A Pitying of Doves (A Birder Murder Mystery book #1)

Candace Bushnell
- Sex and the City
- Sex and the City (Book Club 2nd Reading)
- The Carrie Diaries (The Carrie Diaries book #1)
- Summer and the City (The Carrie Diaries book #2)

Ellen Byerrum
- Armed and Glamorous (Crime of Fashion book #6)


Lynn Cahoon
- Murder on Wheels (A Tourist Trap Mystery book #6)

Kate Cann
- California Holiday or, How the World's Worst Summer Job Gave me a Great New Life (Beach book #2) 

Truman Capote
- Breakfast at Tiffany's: A Short Novel and Three Stories

Amanda Carlson
- Red Blooded (Jessica McClain book #4)

J. C. Carleson
- The Tyrant's Daughter

Lewis Carroll
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book #1)
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (150th Anniversary Edition)
- Through the Looking Glass (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book #2) 

Robin Caroll
- Samantha Sanderson at the Movies (Samantha Sanderson book #1)
- Samantha Sanderson on the Scene (Samantha Sanderson book #2)
- Samantha Sanderson Without a Trace (Samantha Sanderson book #4)

Ally Carter
- Heist Society (Heist Society book #1)

Scott Williams Carter
- The Haunted Breadbox (A Myron Vale Investigation)

Michael Phillip Cash
- Monsterland

Richard Castle
- Heat Wave (Nikki Heat book #1)
- Naked Heat (Nikki Heat book #2)
- Deadly Heat (Nikki Heat book #5)

Emily Chase
- Best Friends Forever (The Girls of Canby Hall book #6)

Stephen Chbosky
- The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

E. L. Chen
- The Good Brother

Deepak Chopra with Gotham Chopra
- The Seven Spiritual Laws of Supeheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World 

Agatha Christie
- And Then There Were None

 Marcia Clark
- Guilt By Association (Rachel Knight book #1)
- Guilt by Degrees (Rachel Knight book #2)
Killer Ambition (Rachel Knight book #3)
- The Competition (Rachel Knight book #4)

Mary and Carol Higgins Clark
- Dashing Through the Snow

R. M. Clark
- The Secret at Haney Field: A Baseball Mystery 

Beverly Cleary
- Ramona The Pest (Ramona book #2)

Brigid Coady
- No One Wants To Be Miss Havisham

Irène Cohen-Janca
- Mister Doctor

Wilkie Collins
- The Woman in White 

Michelle Colston
- The Undiscovered Goddess

Sheila Connolly
- Reunion with Death

Victoria Connelly
- A Weekend with Mr. Darcy (Austen Addicts book #1)

Glenn Cooper
- The Devil Will Come

Misty Copeland
- Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina

James S. A. Corey
- Star Wars: Honor Among Thieves (Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion book #2) 

Greg Cox
- The Dark Knight Rises

Cleo Coyle
- Through the Grinder (Coffeehouse Mystery book #2)
- Roast Mortem (Coffeehouse Mystery book #9)

Carol M. Cram
- The Towers of Tuscany

Jennifer Cruise
- Manhunting

Chris Culver
By Any Means

Christopher Paul Curtis
- The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963


Michael Dahl with illustrations by Ethen Beavers
- Bedtime for Batman
- Good Morning, Superman

Roald Dahl with illustrations by Quentin Blake
- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Bucket book #1)
- Matilda

J. C. Daniels
- Misery's Way: A Kit Colbana World Story (Colbana Files book #4.5)

Scott Dannemiller
- The Year Without a Purchase: One Family's Quest to Stop Shopping and Start Connecting

Andrew Davidson
- The Gargoyle

Diane Mott Davidson
- Dying for Chocolate

MaryJanice Davidson
- Wolf at the Door (Wyndham Werewolf book #7)

Cathryn Carman Davis
- Honey Bee's Adventures at Wilderness Pond

Kyra Davis
- Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss (A Sophie Katz Murder Mystery book #4)
- Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress (A Sophie Katz Murder Mystery book #5)
- Vanity, Vengeance and A Weekend in Vegas (A Sophie Katz Murder Mystery book #6)

Shelley Davidow
- Lights Over Emerald Creek

Keith R.A. DeCandido
- Marvel's Thor: Dueling with Giants (Tales of Asgard Trilogy book #1)

Nola Decker
- Outshine 

Tom De Haven
- It's Superman!

Evelyn S. Dehkes
- The Pink Ballet Slippers

Tania Del Rio and Will Staehle
- Warren 13th and The All-Seeing Eye (book #1)

Vicki Delany
- Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (A Year-Round Christmas Mystery book #1)

Alexandra Dellevoet
- Rafa Was My Robot

Charles Dickens
- Great Expectations

Elaine Dimopulos
- Material Girls

Franklin W. Dixon
- The Four-Headed Dragon (The Hardy Boys book #69)
- Murder by Magic (The Hardy Boys Casefiles #98)

Jennifer Donnelly
- Lost in a Book

Philippa Dowding
- Myles and the Monster Outside

Laura Dower
- Only the Lonely (From the Files of Madison Finn book #1) 

Daphne du Maurier
- Rebecca 

Cathy East Dubowski
- I Love You, You Idiot (Gilmore Girls book #2) 

Glen Duncan
The Last Werewolf

Lois Duncan
- Down a Dark Hall
- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Sarah Dunant
- The Birth of Venus

Sarah Beth Durst
- The Girl Could Not Dream


Claire Eamer
- Before the World Was Ready: Stories of Daring Genius in Science

Rae Earl
- My Mad Fat Diary

Susan and Lloyd Ecker
- I Am Sophie Tucker: A Fictional Memior

Paddy Eger
- 84 Ribbons

Barbara Ehrenreich
- Nickel and Dimed

Esther Ehrlich
- Nest 

Lauren Elkin
- Flaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London

Dara England
- Accomplished in Murder (The Accomplished Mysteries book #1)

Karen English
- Don't Feed the Geckos! (The Carver Chronicles book #3)

Edward Z. Epstein
- Audrey and Bill: A Romantic Biography of Audrey Hepburn and William Holden

Megan Erickson
- Trust the Focus (In Focus book #1)
- Focus on Me (In Focus book #2)

Leah Eskin
- Slices of Life 

Alison Evans
- Long Macchiatos and Monsters

Janet Evanovich
- Thanksgiving

Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
- The Heist (Fox and O'Hare book #1)
- The Chase (Fox and O'Hare book #2
- The Job (Fox and O'Hare book #3)

Tracy Ewens
- Taste (A Love Story book #3)


L.M. Falcone
- The Dirty Trick (The Ghost and Max Monroe book #3)

Dan Falk
- The Science of Shakespeare: A New Look at the Playwright's Universe

Beth Fantaskey
- Isabel Feeney, Star Reporter

Eric Fein
- Batman: Catwoman's Halloween Heist

Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera
- The Awakening of Miss Prim

Helen Fielding
- Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones book #1)
- Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones book #3)

Peter S. Fischer
- Me and Murder, She Wrote

F. Scott Fitzgerald
- The Great Gatsby

Melody Fitzpatrick
- Operation Josh Taylor: Hannah Smart

Ashlee Fletcher
- My Dog, My Cat

Joanne Fluke
- Devil's Food Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery book #14)
- Cinnamon Roll Murder (Hannah Swensen book #15)
- Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen book #16)
- Blackberry Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen book #17) 

Linda Fondren
- Shape Up Sisters! 

E. M. Forster
- A Room With a View

Toby Forward
- Fireborn: A Dragonborn Novel

Alan Dean Foster
- Transformers: The Veiled Threat

Alis Franklin
- Liesmith (The Wyrd book #1) 

Lynne Franks
- Absolutely Now! A Futurist's Journey To Her Inner Truth

Karen Foxlee
- Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

Talia Fuhrman
- Love Your Body


Dina Gachman
- Brokenomics: 50 Ways to Live the Dream on a Dime

Neil Gaiman
- Coraline

Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)
- The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike book #1)
- The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike book #2)
- Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike book #3)

Emma Garcia
- Never Google Heartbreak

Hector Garcia
- A Geek in Japan 

Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
- Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures book #1)
- Dangerous Dream: A Beautiful Creatures Story (Dangerous Creatures book #0.5)

Yaritza Garcia
- The Girl in the Converse Shoes

Craig Shaw Gardner
- Batman (Novelization)

Roxane Gay
- Bad Feminist

Nina George
- The Little Paris Bookshop

Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne
- Shadow Ritual (Antoine Marcus book #2)

Francis Gideon
- Plato for Plumbers
- The Invisibles

Elizabeth Gilbert
- The Signature of All Things

Marcia Gloster
- 31 Days: A Memoir of Seduction 

Maya Gold
- Change of a Dress (Cinderella Cleaners book #1)

Robin Gold
- The Perfectly True Tales of a Perfect Size 12 

Ari L. Goldman
- The Late Starters Orchestra

William Goldman
- The Princess Bride

Olivia Goldsmith
- The First Wives Club

Nancy Goldstein
- Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist

Emily V. Gordon
- Super You: Release Your Inner Superhero

Alena Graedon
- The Word Exchange 

Lauren Graham
- Someday, Someday, Maybe
- Talking As Fast As I Can

Sarah Granger
- The Digital Mystique: How the Culture of Connectivity Can Empower Your Life -- Online and Off

Sylvie Granotier
- The Paris Lawyer

Cecilia Gray
- Fall For You (The Jane Austen Academy series book #1)
- So Into You (The Jane Austen Academy series book #2)

Nick Gray with Laura Scandiffio
- Escape from Tibet: A True Story

Shari Graydon
- In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You
- Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know

Jane Green
- Jemima J

John Green
- Looking for Alaska

Lauren Groff
- The Monsters of Templeton


Ann Halam
- Snakehead

Samantha Hale
- Everything Changes

George Hagin
- Gabriel Finley and the Raven's Riddle

Lorraine Hansberry
- A Raisin in the Sun

Beth Harbison
- Shoe Addicts Anonymous (Shoe Addict book #1)
- Hope in a Jar

Bill Harley
- Charlie Bumpers vs. The Squeaking Skull
- Charlie Bumpers vs. The Perfect Little Turkey

Deborah Harkness
- A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy book #1)
- Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy book #2) 

Rebecca Harrington
- I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting

Daisy Harris
- College Boys (Men of Holsum College book #1)
- David's Selfie

Joann Harris
- The Blood of Wolfbane

Joanne Harris
- Chocolat (Chocolat book #1)

Thomas Harris
- Hannibal (Hannibal Lecter book #3)

Ellen Hart
- Hunting the Witch (Jane Lawless book #9)
Sweet Poison (Jane Lawless book #16)

Robin Lee Hatcher
- A Vote of Confidence (Sisters of Bethlehem Springs book #1)

Susan Hatler
- Déjà Date (Better Date than Never book #9)

Donald J. Hauka
- Pizza 911 (A Mister Jinnah Mystery book #3)

Ellen Hawley
- The Divorce Diet

Nathaniel Hawthorne
- The Scarlet Letter 

Rachel Hawthorne
- Love on the Lifts

Katie Heaney
- Dear Emma

Carolyn G. Heilbrun
- The Education of a Woman: The Life of Gloria Steinem

Ernest Hemingway
- The Old Man and The Sea

Michelle Herman
- A Girl's Guide to Life

Heather Heyford
- A Taste of Merlot (The Napa Wine Heiresses book #2)
- A Taste of Sake (The Napa Wine Heiresses book #4)

M. Dolon Hickmon
- 13:24 - A Story of Faith and Obsession 

Tanuja Desai Hidier
- Born Confused

Kristan Higgins
- Just One of the Guys

Donna Hill
Dare to Dream

Kevin Hoffman
- The Fifth Vertex (The Sigilord Chronicles book #1)

Nancy Holder
- Ghostbusters

Jennifer L. Holm
- The Fourteenth Goldfish

Anthony Horowitz
- Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes by Anthony Horowitz book #2)

Jacinta Howard
- Happiness in Jersey 

Jonathan L. Howard
- Johannes Cabal The Necromancer (Johannes Cabal book #1)
- The Detective (Johannes Cabal book #2)

Dorothy Howell
- Beach Bags and Burglaries (Haley Randolph book #8)

Arianna Huffington
- Thrive: The Third Metric To Redefining Success and Create a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder

Dahlia Huh and Sunmee Huh
- Gilbert and the Scepter of Silence 

Lynn Marie Hulsman
- Christmas at Thornton Hall

Mary Hunt
- The Financially Confident Woman: What You Need to Know to Take Charge of Your Money

Pamela Hunt
- Miss Daisy Conquers Britain

Julie Hyzy
- State of the Onion (A White House Chef Mystery book #1)


Joe Ide
- IQ

Matt Inman
- How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Washington Irving
- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Ryoko Iwata
- Coffee Gives me Superpowers


Elliot James
- Charming (Pax Arcana book #1)

P. D. James
- Death Comes to Pemberley

Robin Jarvis
- The Whitby Witches (The Whitby Witches book #1)

Beverly Jenkins
- A Second Helping (Blessings book #2)

Brian Johnson
- The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom

Jaleigh Johnson
- The Mark of the Dragonfly

Kate Johnson
- I, Spy? (Sophie Green Mysteries book #1)

Penny Junor
- Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son

Kim Williams Justesen
- Kiss, Kiss, Bark! 


Frank Kafka
- The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

Susan Kandel
- Not a Girl Detective (A Cece Caruso Mystery book #2)

Hildi Kang
- Chengli and the Silk Road Caravan

Lloyd Kahn
- Tiny Homes: Simple Shelters

Harry Karlinsky
- The Stonehenge Letters

Diane Keaton
- Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty

Carolyn Keene
- Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase (Nancy Drew book #2)
- Nancy Drew: The Bungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew book #3)
- Nancy Drew: The Secret of Red Gate Farm (Nancy Drew book #6)
- Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk (Nancy Drew book #17)
- Nancy Drew: The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes (Nancy Drew book #41)
- Nancy Drew: Mystery of Crocodile Island (Nancy Drew book #55)
- Nancy Drew: The Greek Symbol Mystery (Nancy Drew book #60)
- Nancy Drew: The Case of the Disappearing Deejay (Nancy Drew book #89)
- Nancy Drew: The Fox Hunt Mystery (Nancy Drew book #132)
- Nancy Drew: Mystery on Maui (Nancy Drew book #143)
- Nancy Drew: The Crime Lab Case (Nancy Drew book #165)
- Sisters in Crime (The Nancy Drew Files case #19)
Bad Medicine (The Nancy Drew Files case #35)

Richardo Keens-Douglas
- The Nutmeg Princess

Melissa Keil
- The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl

Paul S. Kemp
- Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

Lilian Kendrick
- Always Something There to Remind Me

Mary Kennedy
- Reel Murder (A Talk Radio Mystery book #2) 

Jean Kerr
- Please Don't Eat the Daisies

Beth Kery
- Make Me Forget (Make Me part 1)

Vaseem Khan
- The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation book #1)

Diana Killian
- Corpse Pose (Mantra for Murder Mysteries book #1)

Stephen King
- Cycle of the Werewolf
- 'Salem's Lot
- Doctor Sleep (The Shining book #2)

Sophie Kinsella
- Shopaholic To The Stars (Shopaholic book #7)
Twenties Girl
- Wedding Night

Jane Kirkpatrick
- A Light in the Wilderness

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
- Lily B. on the Brink of Paris (Lily B. book #3)

Sharael Kolberg
- A Year Unplugged

Marie Kondo
- Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class to the Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Dean Koontz
- Watchers

Steve Korte
DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia!

Elizabeth Kostova
- The Historian

Nancy Krulik
- Puppy Love (Romantic Comedies series)

Sarah Kuhn
- One Con Glory

Paul Kupperberg
- Wonder Woman: Dr. Psycho's Circus of Crime

Kevin Kwan
- Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians book #1)

Jean Kwok
- Mambo in Chinatown


Mur Lafferty
- The Shambling Guide to New York City (The Shambling Guides book #1)

Josh Lanyon
- Murder in Pastel

Jennifer Latham
- Scarlett Undercover

Madeleine L'Engle
- A Wrinkle in Time (A Wrinkle in Time book #1)

Adrianne Lee
- Delectable (Big Sky Pie book #1) 

M. L. LeGette
- The Orphan and the Thief 

Jessica Lemmon
- The Millionaire Affair (The Love in Balance book #3) 

Peter Lerangis
- The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders book #1)

Jonathan Lethem
- The Fortress of Solitude 

Marie LeTourneau with Danielle Reed Baty
The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Frères

Billie Letts
- Where The Heart Is

Laura Levine
- This Pen for Hire (A Jaine Austen Mystery book #1)
- Pampered to Death (A Jaine Austen Mystery book #10)

C. S. Lewis
- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia book #2 but for publication book #1 )

G. Norman Lippert
- Harry's First Christmas and Other Tales
- James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing (James Potter book #1)

Colette London
- Dangerously Dark (A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery book #2)

Roni Loren
- Yours All Along (Loving on the Edge book #7.5)

Jane Lovering
- I Don't Want to Talk About It (Yorkshire Romances book #5)

A.J. Low (Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jemenez) with illustrations by Andrew Tan
- Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong (Sherlock Sam book #1)
- Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning (Sherlock Sam book #2)
- Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah (Sherlock Sam book #3)

George Lucas, Donald F. Glut and James Kahn
- The Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV, V & VI)

James Luceno
- Star Wars: Dark Lord
- Star Wars: Tarkin 

Travis Luedke
- The Nightlife: London (The Nightlife book #4)


Elizabeth MacLeod
- Secrets Underground: North America's Buried Past 

Debbie Macomber
- Call Me Mrs. Miracle (Angelic Intervention book #8) 

Sam Maggs
- The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks
- Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History with illustrations by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Kekla Magoon
- Shadows of Sherwood (A Robyn Hoodlum Adventure book #1)

H.P. Mallory
- To Kill A Warlock (Dulcie O'Neil book #1)
- Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (Jolie Wilkins book #1)

Josh Malerman
- Bird Box 

Mari Mancusi
- The Camelot Code

Diane Daniels Manning
- Almost Perfect

Manning Marable
- Living Black History

Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin
- The Meanest Doll in the World (Doll People book #2)

A. Lee Martinez
- Chasing the Moon

Carole Matthews
- The Chocolate Lovers' Club 

James McBride
- The Good Lord Bird

Michael McBride
- Ancient Enemy

Joseph A. McCullough
- The Story of Santa Claus

David McDonald
- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Castaways
- Marvel's Captain America: Sub Rosa

Maureen McGowan
- Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer (Twisted Tales book #2)

Vonda N. McIntyre
- Star Wars: The Crystal Star

Jenn McKinlay
- Sprinkle With Murder (Cupcake Bakery Mystery book #1)

Terry McMillan
- How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Leslie Meier
- French Pastry Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery book #21)

Jane Merril with Chris Filstrup
I Love Those Earrings:  A Popular History from Ancient to Modern

Lynn Messina
- Fashionistas 

Stephenie Meyer
- Twilight (Twilight book #1)
- New Moon (Twilight book #2)
- Eclipse (Twilight book #3)
- Breaking Dawn (Twilight book #4)

Anne Michaels
- The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

Karen Miller
- Star Wars The Clone Wars: Wild Space

Sarah Mlynowski
- Don't Even Think About It

Frederique Molay
- The 7th Woman (Paris Homicide book #1)
- The City of Blood (Paris Homicide book #3)

Christopher Moore
- Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d'Art

Wes Moore
- The Work: My Search for a Life that Matters

Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry
- Double Vision (Twintuition book #1)

Olivia Munn
- Suck It, Wonder Woman!

Robert Munsch

Rebecca Merry Murdock
Rocco's Wings (Tales of Terrakesh book #1)

Dallas Murphy
- Apparent Wind


Kathleen Nelson
- The Summer of the Mourning Cloak 

Stella Newman
- Leftovers

Tim Nolen
- It Falls To Us (A Defiant Story book #1) 

Tom Noll
- The Bicycle Fence ("Trash to Treasure" Series - Recycling Creatively with L.T. book #1) 

Darrin Nordahl
- Making Transit Fun!

Elizabeth Norris
- Unraveling (Unraveling book #1) 


Vanita Oelschlager
- Ivy in Bloom

Brooks Olbrys
- The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: Into the Lead (Blue Ocean Bob book #3)

Daniel Jose Older
- Shadowshaper (Shadowshaper book #1)

Barbara O'Neal
- The All You Can Dream Buffet

Mary Pope Osborne
- Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House book #1)


Paige Padgett
- The Green Beauty Rules: The Essential Guide to Toxic-Free Beauty, Green Glamour and Glowing Skin

Christian Page
- Monster Squad: The Iron Golem (Monster Squad book #1)

Helen Pai
- The Other Side of Summer (Gilmore Girls book #4)

Danielle Paige
- Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die book #1) 

Christine Pakkala
- Last-But-Not-Least Lola Going Green (Last-But-Not-Least-Lola book #1)
- Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken (Last-But-Not-Least Lola book #2)

Gigi Pandian
- The Accidental Alchemist

Barbara Park
- Junie B. Jones and the Meanie Jim's Birthday (Junie B. Jones book #6)

Francine Pascal
- Cammie's Crush (Sweet Valley Twins book #108) by Jamie Suzanne

James Patterson
- Kiss the Girls (Alex Cross book #2)
- Violets are Blue (Alex Cross book #7)
- Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (Alex Cross #19)
- 1st To Die (Women's Murder Club book #1)

James Patterson and Max DiLallo
- Zoo 2 (Zoo book #2)

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
- Zoo (Zoo book #1)
- Worst Case (Michael Bennett book #3)

James Patterson and Liza Marklund
- The Postcard Killers

Mary Jennifer Payne
- Since You've Been Gone 

Zoe Perdita
- Crash (Westside Wolf Pack book #1)

Jane Myers Perrine
- Persy and the Prince

S.D. Perry
- City of the Dead (Resident Evil book #3)

 S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison
- Wonder Woman Novelization

Jim Piecuch
- Tim Cratchit's Christmas Carol: The Sequel to the Celebrated Dicken's Classic

- Republic

Menna van Praag
- The Dress Shop of Dreams

Michael Price
- Ghosts and Girls of Fiction House!

Michael Pronko
- Beauty and Chaos: Slices and Morsels of Tokyo Life

Linda Przybyszewski
- The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish


Matthew Quick
- The Good Luck of Right Now

Karen Quinn
- Holly Would Dream


William Rabkin
- The Call of the Mild (Psych book #3)

Stacey Radin with Leslie Goldman
- Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with Passion and Purpose to Becoming Powerful Leaders 

Issa Rae
- The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Hope Ramsay
- Inn at Last Chance (Last Chance book #7)

Sherie M. Randolph
- Florynce "Flo" Kennedy: The Life of a Black Feminist Radical

Michael Reaves and Steven-Elliot Altman
- Batman: Fear Itself (Batman book #3)

Christopher Reeve
- Still Me

Philip Reeve
- Oliver and the Seawigs

Ruth Reichl
- Delicious!

Kimberly Reid
- My Own Worst Frenemy (Langdon Prep book #1)

Dana Reinhardt
- We Are The Goldens

Debbie Reynolds and Dorian Hannaway
- Unsinkable: A Memoir

Ransom Riggs
- Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's book #1)

Rick Riordan
- Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles book #2)
- The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles book #3)
- The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus book #1)
- The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus book #2)
- The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus book #3)
- The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus book #4)

Nora Roberts
- A Will and A Way
- Opposites Attract

Sheila Roberts
- On Strike for Christmas

Danny Rogers
- Campaigns that Shook the World: The Evolution of Public Relations

James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell
- The Blood Gospel (The Order of The Sanguines book #1) 

Renee Rosen
- White Collar Girl

Barbara Ross
- Clammed Up (A Main Clambake Mystery book #1)

Veronica Roth
- Divergent (Divergent book #1)

Stephanie Rowe
- If The Shoe Fits

J.K. Rowling
- The Casual Vacancy

Gretchen Rubin
- The Happiness Project

Seth Rudetsky
- The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek

Gary Russell
- Torchwood: The Twilight Streets (Torchwood book #6)

Krista Russell
- The Other Side of Free


Ahmed Saadawi with translation by Jonathan Wright
- Frankenstein in Baghdad

Lauren Saft
- Those Girls

Angie Sage
- Gargoyle Hall (An Araminta Spookie Adventure book #6)

Lilith Saintcrow
- Working for the Devil (Dante Valentine book #1)

J. D. Salinger
- The Catcher in the Rye 

Sheryl Sandberg
- Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead 

A.V. Sanders
- Percolation, Poetry, and Passion
- Wet, Hot, Australian Christmas

Radhika Sanghani
- Virgin 

Willibald Sauerlander
- Manet Paints Monet: A Summer in Argenteuil 

Eve O. Schaub
- Year of No Sugar: A Memoir

Michael Schmicker
- The Witch of Napoli

Shannyn Schroeder
- His Work of Art (Hot & Nerdy book #4)

Julie Schumacher
- Dear Committee Members

Michelle Schusterman
- Dead Air (The Kat Sinclair Files book #1)

Jon Scieszka
- Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor (Book #1)

Jennifer L. Scott
- At Home with Madame Chic: Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life
- Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance

Wylde Scott
- The Possible Police

Wendy Wan-Long Shang
- The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

Simon and Sheryle Shapiro
- What Can You Do With Only One Shoe? Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent

Tucker Shaw
- Oh Yeah, Audrey!

Vicky Alvear Shecter
- Hades Speaks!: A Guide to the Underworld by the Greek God of the Dead

Alex Sheshunoff
- A Beginner's Guide to Paradise

John Shirley
- Batman: Dead White (Batman book #1)

John Shufeldt
- Ingredients of Young Outliers: Achieving Your Most Amazing Future

Michael Siglain
- Thor: The Dark World (Junior Novelization)

Alex Simmons and Bill McCay
- The Raven League 

Becky Simpson
- The Roommate Handbook: Sharing Lives & Slapping Fives

Maynard Sims
- Mother of Demons (Department 18 book #5)

Linda Joy Singleton
- The Curious Cat Spy Club (Curious Cat Spy Club book #1)
- The Mystery of the Zorse's Mask (The Curious Cats Spy Club book #2)
- Kelsey the Spy (The Curious Cat Spy Club book #3)

Dina Sleiman
- Dauntless (Valiant Hearts book #1)

Alexander McCall Smith
- The Full Cupboard of Life (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency book #5)
- Blue Shoes and Happiness (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency book #7)
- The Miracle at Speedy Motors (No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency book #9)
- The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency book #13)
- The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book #14)

B. Smith and Dan Gasby with Michael Shnayerson
- Before I Forget

Tiffany Nicole Smith
- Fairylicious (Fairylicious book #1)

Karen Rose Smith
- Staged to Death (Caprice De Luca Mystery book #1)

Jeff Soloway
- The Travel Writer

Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou
- Black Greek Coffee

Andrea Spalding
- Finders Keepers

Nick Spalding
- Fat Chance 

Celeste Spettro
- Art Criticism

Johanna Spyri
- Heidi (Heidi book #1) 

David Stabler
- Kid Athletes: True Tales of Childhood from Sports Legends

Jean Stein
- Edie: Sedgwick: An American Biography 

Gloria Steinem
- Marilyn: Norma Jeane
- My Life on the Road

Sarah Hines Stephen
- Wonder Woman: Rumble in the Rainforest

Sydney Ladensohn Stern
- Gloria Steinem: Her Passions, Politics, and Mystique

Julie Sternberg
- The Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine: Friendship Over

J. Richard Stevens
- Captain America, Masculinity and Violence

Alison Stewart
- Junk: Digging Through America's Love Affair With Stuff

R.L. Stine
- Don't Stay Up Late (Fear Street Relaunch book #2)

Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt
- Dracula The Un-Dead

Noel Streatfeild
- Ballet Shoes (Shoes book #1)

Sarah Strohmeyer
- The Cinderella Pact

Julia Stuart
- The Pigeon Pie Mystery

Rachel Stuhler
- Absolutely True Lies

Laurie S. Sutton
- Batman: The Joker's Dozen
The Man of Steel: Superman vs. The Doomsday Army

Denise Swanson
- Murder of a Barbie and Ken (A Scumble River Mystery book #5)

Alison Sweeney
- Scared Scriptless

Caitlin Sweet
- The Door in the Mountain

Jonathan Swift
- Gulliver's Travels

Plum Sykes
- Bergdorf Blondes 


David E. Talbert
- Baggage Claim

Anne R. Tan
- Raining Men and Corpses (A Raina Sun Mystery book #1)

Jane Tara
- The Happy Endings Book Club

Nic Tatano
- Twitter Girl

Chloe Taylor
- Ready to Wear (Sew Zoey book #1)
- On Pins and Needles (Sew Zoey book #2)
- Lights, Camera, Fashion! (Sew Zoey book #3)

Greg Taylor
- Killer Pizza (Killer Pizza book #1)

Mary Ellen Taylor
- Sweet Expectations (Union Street Bakery book #2) 

Valerie Tejeda
 Hollywood Witch Hunter

Bari Tessler
- The Art of Money

- Letter from Paris 

Anne-Laure Thieblemont
- The Collector (Marion Spicer Art Mysteries book #1)

Linda Thomas
- Why Cleaning Has Meaning: Bringing Wellbeing Into Your Home 

Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham
- Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell (Veronica Mars book #2)

Dave Thompson
- Sherlock Holmes FAQ

D.S. Thornton
- Scrap City

Karla Tipton
- Rings of Passage: A Time Travel Novel with Richard III

J.R.R. Tolkien
The Hobbit or There and Back Again
- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings book #1)
- The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings book #2)
The Return of the King (The Lord of The Rings book #3)

Toronto Public Library
- Superbrain: The Insider's Guide To Getting Smart

Pam Torres
- It's NOT Just a Dog! (Project Madison book #2) by

Katy Towell
- Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow

Karen Traviss
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The Clone Wars #1)

Licia Troisi
- Nihal of the Land of the Wind (Chronicles of the Overworld book #1)

Nick Trout
- Dog Gone, Back Soon (Cyrus Mills book #2)

Jen Turano
- After a Fashion (A Class of Their Own book #1)

Henry Turner
- Ask the Dark

Juliette Turner
- That's Not Hay in My Hair



Samuel Valentino
- The Silver Rings

Diane Vallere
- The Brim Reaper (Style and Error Mystery book #3) 

Carmen Varricchio
- Doll Junk: Collectible & Crazy Fashions from the '70s & '80s

Jules Verne
- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Elaine Viets
- Shop Till You Drop (A Dead-End Job Mystery book #1)
- Dying to Call You (A Dead-End Job Mystery book #3)
- Just Murdered (A Dead-End Job Mystery book #4)
- Dying in Style (Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper book #1)
- An Uplifting Murder (Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper book #6)

Anastasia Vitsky
- Living in Sin 


Sari Walker

Christopher Ward
- Mac on the Road to Marseille (The Adventures of Mademoiselle Mac book #2)

Elsa Watson
- The Love Dog

Renee Watson
- This Side of Home

Wendy Lyn Watson
I Scream, You Scream (A Mystery A La Mode book #1)
- Scoop to Kill (A Mystery A La Mode book #2)

Melanie Watt
- Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween: A Safety Guide for Scaredies

Mark Weber
- Always in Fashion

Lauren Weisberger
- Revenger Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (The Devil Wears Prada book #2)

Kate White
- A Body To Die For (Bailey Weggins Mystery book #2)

Kiersten White
- Slayer (Slayer book #1)

Jo Whittemore
- D is for Drama

Cecil Wilde
- Defying Convention

Lisa Williamson
- The Art of Being Normal

Bill Willingham
- Fables: Peter and Max

N. D. Wilson
- 100 Cupboards (100 Cupboards book #1)

Ryder Windham
- Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader

Sylivia A. Winters
- The Lightning Moon 

Cathy Woodman
- The Sweetest Thing (Talyton St. George book #3)

Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz
- Is A Worry Worrying You?



Ama Karikari Yawson
- Sunne's Gift

Carol Beach York
- The Christmas Dolls

Mike Yorkey
- Everyday Finances for the Everyday Family

Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb
- I Am Malala


Allen Zadoff
- I Am The Weapon (The Unknown Assassin book #1)

Gabrielle Zevin
- The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

Dave Zobel
- The Science of TV's The Big Bang Theory

Lori Zoss
- A Bed for Fred

Markus Zusak
- The Book Thief

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