Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Review for A-Z Title Challenge: Detective Comics vol #2 (New 52)

Book: Detective Comics volume #2: Scare Tactics (Issues #8-12, 0) by Tony S. Daniel with illustration by Tony S. Daniel (issues #8-9, 12), Ed Benes (issue #10), Julio Ferreira and Eduardo Pansica (issue #11)

Issue #0 by Gregg Hurwitz with illustrations by Tony S. Daniel
Short story by James Tynion IV with illustration by Henrik Jonsson

Edition: Read the single print issues

Rating: 2 stars


This wasn't much better than the first volume but there was a slight improvement which is why I gave it 2 stars. Batman still can't seem to do anything besides fight and certainly did not do a whole lot to solve any mysteries he continues to luck up on information or someone would give him a lead. The stories still continues to be underwhelming.

Issue #8 had Batman being manipulated by the Scarecrow to take down one his competitors. I was hoping that Bruce would try to figure things out on his own without the Scarecrow providing all the leads.

Issue #9 was a tie-in to the Night of Owls with Dr. Arkham being targeted by Owl assassins showing up at Arkham Asylum with Batman showing up to stop them.

Issues #10-12 had Batman trying to stop a very toxic villain who was trying to use an experiment to save his life regardless of who got killed in the process. Issue #10 also included reporter Charlotte Rivers who was still recovering from her injuries (vol #1) and has decided to move to Paris to try to start over.

Issue #0 was yet another tale of Bruce training to become Batman. In this story he was in the Himalayas learning new skills and being taught by a emotionless sensei who wanted Bruce to become like him and forgo all feelings because they will make him weak. In the end he was surrounded by more tragedy. This issue also includes a short story about Alfred still waiting and hoping that Bruce will eventually return.

None of these stories really did showed how smart Bruce is although the Toxic Man arc (issue #10-12) tried with a few scenes added in just so you don't forget that Bruce is supposed to be the World's Greatest Detective.

There was also a Two-Face story at the end of a few issues, it was okay and definitely could have been better. The artwork for it was also just okay, with the color being so dark that it was hard to tell what was happening in the story.

Overall, the second volume was okay. I really wish the stories had been better.

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