Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book Review: X-Men #5 and #6 (Marvel Now)

X-Men issues #5 and #6 are parts three and seven of the Battle of the Atom story that crossed over to several different series.

Book: X-Men #5 by Brian Wood with illustrations by David Lopez, inks by Cam Smith and color by Laura Martin

Rating: 5 stars


In issue #5, a teenage Jean Grey and Scott Summers from the past have shown up in the present and they are being pursued by a future version of Charles Xavier, Beast, Jean Grey and more. The future X-Men are given assistance by the present X-Men to help bring them in because Xavier said that Jean and Scott's presence is affecting the time line and the sooner they can get back home the better.

However, Rachel Grey and Kitty Pryde were feeling suspicious about everything and didn't think it's right to force the two teens from the past to go home not if they don't want to.

Things start to get real stressful for Scott and Jean when they are finally tracked down by both sets of X-Men but thanks to a timely distraction by Rachel and Kitty they were able to escape and meet up with some surprising help that Jean contacted.

This was good and I love the scenes between Jean and Scott they were so awkwardly attractive to each other but being chased was putting a real damper on their flirting.

Book: X-Men #6 by Brian Wood with illustrations by David Lopez, inks by Cam Smith and color by Laura Martin

Rating: 4 1/2 stars


Issue #6 opens with Jubilee dealing with little Shogo and him receiving a gift that will ensure his safety. The rest of the story focus on Jean and Scott being escorted back to The Jean Grey School by both sets of X-Men.

But when things were not adding up with future Charles Xavier's story as well as the unquestionable things the future X-Men during it led to disagreements and fights among the groups. Unfortunately the future X-Men were more skilled and ready for whatever the present X-Men could throw at them and were able to take them down. After disarming the present group and rendering the school and the faculty and students incapacitated they escaped with past Jean, Scott and Angel.

This ends with Jubliee and Psylocke getting a pleasant surprise from a future visitor.

Even though this is only two parts of a bigger story, these two issues were easy to follow. Reading this also made me interested in reading the complete story. Maybe I'll check and see if the Battle of the Atom is out in trade edition because I would like to know how this ends.

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