Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Comic Book News: Vixen will have her own animated series with the CW Network

Vixen a.k.a. Mari McCabe is an amazing character (when she isn't being sidelined and benched by DC Comics) and it is about time that she is finally getting more attention.

The new show titled "Vixen" will air this fall on the CW Network's online channel CW Seed and will be executive produced by Marc Guggenheim. That good new except that Vixen will be sharing the spotlight with Green Arrow (or Arrow) and The Flash. Um...why? Can she not carry her own show or do they not think guys or little boys won't watch the show unless there are male superheroes added to the show. I don't care that this show is supposed to be set during the Arrow universe, Vixen doesn't need "sidekicks" to help her fight crime.

So, I guess if Wonder Woman had an animated series with the CW Network they would feel the need to include Batman and Superman too.

I think it's good news that Vixen is finally getting a little attention since she's been shelved during the New 52, but I don't get why Green Arrow and The Flash have to tag along. Unless it's another way for the CW Network and DC Comics to remind fans about their shows.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this despite the show shoehorning The Flash and Green Arrow into the show.

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