Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review for A-Z Title Challenge: Elektra vol #1 (Marvel Now)

Book: Elektra volume #1 (issue #1-5) by W. Haden Blackman with illustrations by Michael Del Mundo

Edition: Single print issues

Rating: 5 stars


It's hard to believe this series was canceled because these first five issues were great. In this volume, Elektra needing to get away from NYC well at least for a while, she picked up an assassins contract from The Matchmaker to bring in the notorious Cape Crow alive. Unfortunately, she will be up against a lot other assassins who took up the first contract to kill Cape Crow and with a huge bounty on his head there is nothing that is going to stop them from claiming their prize.

Her main opposition is a killer named Bloody Lips who will stop at nothing to get to Cape Crow and after going up against Elektra she is now another target for him.

I found Elektra to be an interesting character because she's neither a hero or a villain, she's more in the gray area although near the end of this she seems to be leaning a little more towards the hero side. The other character I liked is The Matchmaker, who seems like a combination of Oracle and Lady Blackhawk. Yes, I know they are DC Comics characters but Matchmaker really reminds me of both of them. The character Bloody Lips reminds me of Kraven the Hunter but even more deadlier.

I like the story it's fast paced and grabbed my attention and well written  I also really like the artwork it's simply gorgeous. I can not wait to read the next volume, I hope the rest of the issues are at the comic book store.

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