Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review for A-Z Title Challenge: Fruits Basket vol #3 (Manga)

Book: Fruits Basket volume #3 by Natsuki Takaya

Rating: 4 stars


This volume focused mostly on Souma family drama.

Chapters #13 and 14 dealt with Kyo trying to compete with two family members. The competition between cousins Kyo (zodiac form: cat) and Yuki (zodiac form: rat) continues in this volume. Kyo will stop at nothing to prove that he is the better of the two and with an endurance test (race) at school, he thinks he will finally get his chance. During the race, Tohru meets another member of the Souma family, Hatsuharu who has shown up for a duel against Kyo.

While those two fight each other Yuki who was already sick started to feel even worse and they needed to take him back home. Hatsuharu's transformation is ridiculous he turns into a cow but at that moment that was the only way the could get Yuki home without him accidentally changing and being seen by someone.

While Yuki was resting, Hatsuharu was telling Tohru how him and Yuki got to know one another. Hatsuharu had this grudge against Yuki even before he knew him all because he thought the reason people always laughed at him was because of one of the zodiac stories about the ox and mouse.

Chapters #15 and 16 has everyone celebrating Valentine's Day but Kyo is not enjoying it at all especially when Kagura showed up. She's obsessed with Kyo and to ensure he will go on a date with her, Kagura suggested they go on a group date with Yuki and Tohru, even though those two are not dating.

With the four off on their date, Shigure seems to be up to something in regards to Tohru. From his conversation with Hatori, it appears that Shigure may be using Tohru to keep the peace around the house since she has some kind of positive influence over Yuki and Kyo. Hopefully, his motives are no more than that.

In chapters #17 and 18, Tohru gets a part-time job to pay for her school trip and the adorable Momiji returns. He brings with him an offer for Tohru, a trip to the hot springs and he also invited Yuki and Kyo to go along. The trip was relaxing for everyone with the exception of Kyo who didn't seem happy about anything while he was there. Tohru, Yuki and Kyo got a surprise when they learned that Momiji (along with Hatsuharu) will start going to their school for the next school year. Tohru was really surprised to find out that Momiji is actually older than he looks, he looks like a little kid instead of a teenager.

This was really cute and funny because this family never fails to do something crazy which has absolutely nothing to do with the curse the family shares. I really like this series.

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