Thursday, February 19, 2015

Book Review: The Silkworm

Book: The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike book #2) by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)

Source: Library

Rating: 5 stars


This was a vast improvement over the first book The Cuckoo's Calling where many sections of that book were very slow moving and it also didn't leave much of an impression towards detective Cormoran Strike.

I feel like with this second book J.K. Rowling really sat back and thoroughly thought out this mystery because the story was engaging and as a mystery buff I loved that even I couldn't quite figure out who the killer was until the end.

In The Silkworm, Cormoran Strike was hired by Leonora Quine, the wife of the very eccentric writer Owen Quine. She wanted Strike to find her husband, he was known to take off from time to time. However, this time it seemed longer than usual. Initially, both Strike and the wife believed the writer to be hiding out as he has done in the past but as the focus of the writer's latest novel started to grow into a huge controversy within a close-knit section of the London publishing world and it was starting to look as if he was in hiding over it.

But after Strike found the body of the author it was without a shadow of a doubt that he had been murdered and that the contents of the novel may shine a light on who was behind it. However, the problem was there were numerous amount of people who have read the story leaving Strike to try to track down the killer especially with the police focusing on the wife.

This was great and very well written. I like how the story really changed my initial impression of Cormoran Strike from the first book. Whenever I was reading this I really didn't want to put it down I just had to know who was behind it all. I also loved that Strike's assistant Robin was giving more opportunity to further her involvement in the detective process and that she will finally follow her career aspirations.

I have to say if you weren't a fan of the first book please give the second one a chance, it's so much better.

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