Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why I Might Pass On Watching iZombie? (with Trailer for iZombie)

When I heard iZombie was going to be turned into a TV series I was so excited but after watching this trailer I think I'm going to pass. What I like about the iZombie comic book series is how it took a unique take on the whole zombie genre and turned it into something fun. I also like that the main character Gwen Dylan wasn't alone dealing with her strange life, she just so happen to be friends with a ghost (Ellie) and a were-terrier (Scott). She worked at a cemetery digging graves and doing her best to stay under the radar. On occasion Gwen might stumble unto a mystery but it was nothing like this.

This trailer looks like they turned iZombie into Veronica Mars, no surprise there since the creators of Veronica Mars are behind this.

Now don't get me wrong, I totally adore Veronica Mars and iZombie but what made both of those two things great was that they were original and unique. Instead now iZombie is some sort of weird mashup of the two.

It's been proved time and again that the TV shows or movies don't have to follow the original source but what makes the ones that succeed is that they do keep some of the elements in tack. The title and the fact that she's a zombie who eats brains appears to be the only thing in common with the comic book. The character in this show is Olivia "Liv" Moore who is a medical student working at the coroner's office and will be working with the police to solve crimes.

iZombie is now another generic TV show, I think I will stick with the comic book series.

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