Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Book Review for A-Z Title Challenge: Purikyu

Book: Purikya by Kyousuke Motomi

Rating: 5 stars


This five chapter book begins with 16 year old former ballerina Anna Katsuragi joining the archery club at school after being tricked by her friend. She also ran into an old childhood rival Jinnai Takeru who didn't think Anna was up to the task. Jinnai is the President of the club but he is also known as the Blue Demon since he is so mean to everyone.

Anna's first day of practice didn't go well and after being humiliated by Jinnai she thought of giving up. However, she found the strength and motivation to return the next day but she was now even more determined to prove that she can be good at archery.

The second chapter finds the archery club attending camp for a week and with Anna getting additional training albeit harsh from Jinnai since she was so far behind all the other club members. The club is also preparing for an upcoming contest where only the best five can compete. But that's not going to stop Anna from trying.

Chapter three finds an attraction growing between Anna and Jinnai, however Jinnai started to avoid her and she's not sure why. Does it have something to do with what happened after their bus ride home? The archery club is also dealing with several thefts happening. Is someone out to sabotage the school's team or is it something else?

In chapter four, the team is competing in a contest when Anna runs into an old admirer who is still infatuated with her. Thinking she could get rid of the jerk, Anna made a bet with him however she didn't realize that he's one of the best at archery. This chapter also shows Anna and Jinnai finally admitting how much they really like each other.

The last chapter finds Anna being offered an opportunity to return back to the stage (a knee injury had sidelined her) but is she really ready to give up archery.

This was a fun read, I like the characters and the story. It was sweet, funny and a little crazy. Anna once had her heart set on being the best ballerina ever but after her injury she wasn't so sure about herself. Archery gave her the chance to be good at something else. I like that this showed all the hard work Anna was went through to achieve her dream.

I thought Anna and Jinnai were both a little crazy with their rivalry especially since they were so much alike. Although, Anna does have a huge ego which at times makes her feel like she can do anything but it also annoys her friends.

I enjoyed reading this so much that I ordered a copy as soon as I was finished (I borrowed this from a friend).

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