Friday, May 8, 2015

Movie Review: Hallmark's Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery

Movie: Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery   Hallmark Movie & Mysteries

Rating: 1 star


Wow, I really don't want to say this but this movie was awful. It was slow moving and boring. The acting was bad and the mystery was far from interesting, there was no excitement or sense of danger and suspense. The movie just went from one boring scene to another.

The mystery focused on the murder of Hannah's friend Ron, the milk delivery driver and her stopping at nothing to find out who did it.

I usually try not to compare the book with the movie but with so many changes it's hard not to. I don't mind the changes if a movie is engaging and fun to watch which this wasn't. The Hannah Swensen (played by Alison Sweeney) in this movie was nothing like the book except for her desire to solve the mystery. What made this a different Hannah was she actually enjoyed exercising, her hair was nice and neat, she wore make up and really nice clothes. However book Hannah complained constantly about her appearance but she never did anything about it. She also couldn't possibly fathom going shopping unless it was at a thrift store.

The actor that was cast to play Norman made him appear dull and boring instead of the sweet and charming guy that he is in the book. Meanwhile, Cameron Mathison actually made Mike appealing because in the book he's really slimy.

Usually Hallmark mystery movies are fun to watch like Garage Sale Mystery, Wedding Planner Mystery, Aurora Teagarden and Along Came A Nanny (which starred Mathison) just to name a few. Because the ones that I mentioned were well written and the acting was good but Murder, She Baked was extremely boring with nearly zero suspense or excitement in the mystery.

So, in the end this movie wasn't worth watching for me but I may give the second movie a chance if they improve on the acting and make the mystery more interesting.

A side note that I generally post with anything Hallmark movie related is their unwillingness to showcase more diversity with their movies. The lack of diversity is so glaringly obvious that it's downright embarrassing.

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