Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Solution to "I Won't Buy Any More Books Until I Read All The Ones I Have"

That is a wonderful notion that we bookaholics love to declare but in all honesty it's really difficult for me to follow. It's hard to pass up books that I want if they're on sale because you never know when another sale may happen. And as much as I have tried to ignore it, my TBR list has grown exponentially and since I really do want to read all of those books I've bought well then that's what I'm going to do.

It's easy to see how my list has grown, over the years I've bought a lot of books but I generally tried to keep a good handle on it. However, what made it a little worse was devoting more time to reading and reviewing NetGalley/Advance Reader Copy books and not to mention reading a lot of library book. While at the same time I was still buying more books. I have decided to take a little break from requesting any more NetGalley and ARC books until I can read more of my own books. However, there are still a few that I already have that I will be reviewing. I'm not sure how long my break will be but I will eventually go back because I appreciate the opportunity of reading and review books even more so when I find independent authors and publishers. I like to support small publishers who I know do not necessarily have a large budget set up for promotion such as larger publishers.

On a side note, as a way to help free up space once I read my books, I will be donating the ones I no longer want. By donating the books, hopefully it will give someone a chance to find a new book because I know not everyone can afford to buy new books.

Since, I know it's highly unlikely for me to not buy anymore books until I've read the ones that I have, I hope this will be a practical solution that will work for me.

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