Monday, May 22, 2017

Should Kid Flash Get A Spin Off Series?

I am generally not a fan of spin offs but I would love for Kid Flash a.k.a. Wally West to get his own TV series. With his own series, they could explore more of his character plus show more adventures that don't revolve around Barry Allen's Flash.

Although I'm only on season two of The Flash, I am enjoying ever scene that Keiynan Lonsdale appears in. He was the breakout character for me in this second season. I love that he brings out the playfulness in Wally who is supposed to be a fun character and Lonsdale has done a great job with his portrayal. But he also can carry the dramatic scenes as well since it's not all fun and games for Wally.

As I approach the end of watching season 2, I'm already planning on buying the third season when it's released on DVD/Blu-ray because I want to see more of Wally. He turned out to be a great addition to the series. Even though I highly doubt that Wally West will get his own series, all I can do is put it out there and hope that there is enough fan interest in this that one day it might happen.

What do you think, should Kid Flash get his own series?

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