Saturday, June 3, 2017

Book Girl Thought: To Buy or Not To Buy a Boxset?

I'm thinking of buying The Maze Runner boxset by James Dashner. I already have it in my online cart but I know the smart and budget friendly thing to do would be to only buy the first book in the series. So I don't waste money on books that I might not end up liking. However, the reason I like buying boxsets is that I will already have all the books in the series. So, after I read the first book I won't have to think about buying any of the sequels since I will already have them. It'll save me time and money in the long run. Unless that's just an excuse I'm using to continue buying books in bulk.

Whether I buy the boxet or not, something I find interesting about buying books is that there is no guarantee that you will like whatever you buy. You take a chance that the book will be good but even a successful author can release a bad book from time to time.

I guess my question is do you prefer to buy the boxset of a book series or to buy one book at a time?

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