Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Comic Book Wednesday: June 7th Picks

Happy Comic Book Wednesday!

Surprise, surprise, I actually have something new on my list two special issues: DC Loony Tunes 100 page Spectacular and Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor. Well, other than that everything else on my list are my regular books. I didn't know The Flintstones comic book had been cancelled with today's issue being the last one. Um, I wonder why it was cancelled, if it was getting so much praise from fans. Who knows? Anyway, here's my list.

DC Comics

Aquaman #24 (Middleton Variant Cover Edition)

Book: Aquaman #24



Hopelessly at odds with the people of Atlantis, Arthur is finally stripped of his crown. In his place, and to Aquaman's horror, the previously imprisoned Atlantean fundamentalist Corum Rath is installed as the new king! Every step of AQUAMAN REBIRTH has been building to this!

Cyborg #13

Book: Cyborg #13


'DANGER IN DETROIT' part four!

Still recovering from his Boom Tube time loss, Cyborg continues to discover the changes with his friends, S.T.A.R. Labs, and the city. A new player known only as FyreWyre emerges from Detroit's underworld. This ninja has a sword with the ability to distort time and space! Only with the help of Black Narcissus can Cyborg hope to survive FyreWyre's disorienting assaults.

DC Looney Tunes 100 Page Spectacular #1

Book: DC Looney Tunes 100 page Spectacular #1


The miniseries from 2000 that first united the best-known heroes from two very different universes is back in a single issue collection featuring SUPERMAN/BUGS BUNNY #1-4!

All the Looney Tunes are making their way into the DC Universe thanks to Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Do-Do-and only Superman stands a chance of keeping the universes apart...with the help of a certain wascally wabbit!

Flintstones #12

Book: The Flintstones #12


You are now leaving Bedrock! The Great Gazoo is on his way home to the stars, while Fred and company leave the Church of Gerald, and Mr. Slate leaves behind being a jerk- at least for a little while. Say good-bye to Pebbles, Bowling Ball, Philip the turtle, Fred and Barney, and the whole cast in this final issue of what critics are calling the best comic of 2016!

Nightwing #22

Book: Nightwing #22


"BLOCKBUSTER" part one!

After years of living in the shadows of others and traveling the globe, Nightwing has found a purpose and a city to call his own in Bludhaven. Now, Bludhaven's prodigal son, Blockbuster, returns to reclaim his city and dispose of Nightwing by any means necessary.

Superman #24

Book: Superman #24


'BLACK DAWN' part five!

The Man of Steel faces the one foe he refuses to fight-his son. An emerging new ability for Superboy proves deadly to Superman as the promise of power appears to lead Jon Kent to betray his father.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor #1

Book: Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1


When Wonder Woman saved Steve Trevor from dying on the shores of Themiscyra, his life-and hers-changed forever!

In this special issue, learn more about the tumultuous partnership these two have had over the years...and get a hint at where it's going in the future!

Have these two finally admitted they're meant for each other? Or do the Fates have other ideas?

Valiant Entertainment

Faith #12 (Cover A - Kano)

Book: Faith #12


Faith vs. 'THE FAITHLESS' - the final battle!

Framed for a crime, held prisoner by a team of her greatest enemies, and quickly running out of time, Faith must confront the truth of her first true defeat! But has victory truly come to The Faithless - a revenge-obsessed squad of malicious malcontents - or will Los Angeles' soaring protector give them a run for their money first? From the Hollywood Hills to the Santa Monica Pier, L.A. is about to witness the ultimate beat-down between good and evil...and when the final page arrives, you'll be saying, 'What the frack?!

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