Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Comic Book Wednesday: July 5th Picks

Happy Comic Book Wednesday! Did everyone have a good time celebrating yesterday for the 4th of July?

New comic book readers please take note, generally when CBW occurs near a holiday there is usually a small selection of books released. So, with pickings on the slim side my list is very small with only four of my usual books.

DC Comics

Cyborg #14

Book: Cyborg #14



Mankind is dead! The world as we know it is gone! Welcome to the Planet Anomaly, where all life takes the form of soulless cybernetic hybrids. But one spark of humanity remains deep within Cyborg's robotic husk, and it's the world's only hope for restoration. Guest-starring Beast Boy!

Nightwing #24

Book: Nightwing #24


'BLOCKBUSTER' part three!

Nightwing is trapped on a submarine, and in order to escape he must defeat the most lethal villains in the DCU led by Tiger Shark! And if he can't escape, Blockbuster will get what he wants: all of his criminal competition at the bottom of the sea, along with Nightwing!

Superman #26

Book: Superman #26


Superman and Superboy's teamwork is off and Clark is at a loss for how to fix it. Maybe an old trick Pa pulled when Clark was a boy might help get the father-son team get back on the right track!

Image Comics

Rat Queens #4 (Cover A - Gieni)

Book: Rat Queens #4



A harmless quest for magic ingredients leads the Queens into the belly of a dark dungeon. Of course it's full of deadly traps, monsters, and sentient décor that all want the Rat Queens dead.

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