Saturday, July 29, 2017

Nesting: Princess Leia and Han Solo Pillowcase Set

I'm a huge Star Wars fans and I love this Leia and Han pillowcase set. I always thought that with the way that the characters were written that it would not have changed the scene from Empire Strikes Back if they had switched lines. Because Han saying "I love you" followed by Leia saying "I know" would still have had the same amazing effect. I still love the original scene just wanted to share my thoughts.

With that said, I love Star Wars but I'm not looking to make my entire bedding inspired by it. I think these pillowcases would be a much greater find for me. It's a little bit of Star Wars mixed with the everyday. I like that the silhouettes and quotes are in gray because then I could pair the pillowcases with just about any color or pattern for sheets and comforter. I'm really thinking about buying this.

Star Wars Han & Leia I Love You Pillowcase Set                     $16.91 (sale, regular price $19.90)            Her Universe (

- 20" x 30" each

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