Thursday, January 22, 2015

30 Day Geek Chic Challenge, Day #11: Batman: Cultivate an Air of Mystery

Day #11: Batman: Cultivate an Air of Mystery

In this day and age where so many people tend to over share online, on social media or face to face, it's a wonder anyone seem to keep anything private anymore. Social media does make it easy to catch up with family and friends but it also makes it easy to post things you probably shouldn't. How many times have you seen someone write something or post a picture that they should not have then quickly delete it. However the damage has been done.

When did we lose that allure of mystery?

Which brings me to today's challenge: Batman. I chose Bats because there is no one more mysterious than him (either than maybe The Question). Even his fellow Justice Leaguers don't know a lot about him except for his close friends like Superman, Wonder Woman and a few others. The criminals are definitely scared of him mainly due to lies and rumors passed around by other criminals. He's not going to correct the rumors he uses them to his advantage. As Batman it is extremely necessary for him to be mysterious or he would lose his edge.

So what can we learn from Batman, well one thing is to be mysterious.

Even though I have this blog and I occasionally go on Twitter (although it's been nearly seven months since the last time I went on there) I don't write anything too personal. This blog is all about Books, TV/Movies, a little Fashion, Geek Culture, etc..

Today's challenge is mostly for anyone who has a tendency to over share. It might be a little difficult at first but try not to tell or show everything. Unless you have a career that requires you to divulge all of your personal business (which I would despise) other wise try for a little mystery.

However, being mysterious doesn't mean being rude, playing games or being stand-offish it just means not telling or showing everything but leaving some things to the imagination.

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