Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Review: The Divorce Diet

Book: The Divorce Diet by Ellen Hawley

Source: Borrowed from Publisher/NetGalley for an honest review

Publication: Available now


Abigail loves her baby Rosie, her husband Thad, and food. She takes great joy and comfort in concocting culinary delights to show the depth of her love and commitment to her family. Imagine her surprise when Thad announces, this whole marriage thing just doesn't work for me. Abigail can't believe he really means what he's said, but he does. Abigail and Rosie move back in to her parents' house, where she regresses into her adolescent self. She diets, finds work, and begins to discover the life she really wants, and a man who really wants her.

Rating: 1 star (Did Not Finish)


I could not get into this book, Abigail was really annoying and the invisible guru (or friend in her head) seem to be there only to add something to this story.

The humor felt forced and it's hard to feel bad or pretty much anything for the main character when she doesn't care about herself.

This book is so boring, it drags on and I can't stand the writing style. I thought this was going to be a fun chick-lit book where the main character picks herself up after a bad marriage. Instead, Abigail is a pathetic loser and the way the story was progressing it's going to takes a majority of the book before she fixes her life. I didn't feel like continuing to read any more to see if and when it would happen.

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