Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book Review: Stones of Power (Manga)

Book: Stones of Power by Isora Azumi (Azumi Isora)

Source: Borrowed from Publisher/NetGalley for an honest review

Publication: Available now


Café Renard seems to be your run-of-the-mill establishment, but it is more than meets the eye.

When strangers stumble upon the hidden secret within an average business front, they find a mysterious woman selling stones with magical properties.

Before they know it they are transported on strange adventures of science fiction and fantasy.

Rating: 3 stars


This had an interesting story but it was a little strange at times. Stones of Power follows a young man Harushige Fujita who has a huge interest in fish and is hired by a brother and sister Ozaki and Youko to care for their rare fish. The siblings own the Café Renard which is part café and part jewelry store. The sister sells custom jewelry that she makes.

Fujita has only went to Café Renard to pick up his sister's jewelry order but the good advice he gave the owners impressed them and knew he was the right person to care for their fish. But ever since Fujita visited the store, strange things have been happening to him starting with a dream. Things become even weirder when the dreams are some how connected to the fish.

That's not the only strange things happening when Ozaki and Youko are hired by a wealthy family to find out the reason why a young family member has fainted on the property. They believe it has something to do with a long forgotten shrine on the grounds. Soon, Fujita is accompanying the siblings as they attempt to deal with the shrine.

Stones of Power is sci-fi/supernatural meets Ancient Aliens with a couple of unusual artifacts centering in on the story. The artwork was good and the characters were interesting. I thought Fujita's sister brought a lot of humor to the story even though she was only in a few scenes.

I would be interested in reading more stories from this manga because it was different. The only issue I had with this was there were moments when it felt like parts of the story were missing and could have been explained better.

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