Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hallmark's Love by the Book movie and their lack of diversity

I know Love by the Book premiered weeks ago but I finally got around to watching it (I taped it this morning), and I really like it. And it's not just because I'm such a book girl and a romantic that I think this is such a cute movie. It just really is.

In this movie, Emma a total romantic, is the owner of a small bookstore Barouche Books. After finding out that her sister was engaged, she went to work for a meeting with her investor Frank who wanted his son Eric to shadow her for a few weeks. He wanted Eric to learn how all of his investments worked as well as Eric has been very helpful with offering good advice to those other business and thought he could do the same for Emma.

No surprise Emma and Eric clash because she is very old school when it comes to business (she doesn't even have a website for her store) while Eric is all about new improvements. Meanwhile, romance is something important to her but she barely has the time to pursue it. But that changes when Landon enters her life.

I don't want to say anymore in case I spoil anything but if you get a chance please watch it, it's very cute and romantic.


Now on to an issue I have with the Hallmark channel movies, as much as I love these movies I do wish they would add more diversity to them. What are they so afraid of?

In the last two movies that premiered, the main actors had been recycled. They had each starred in previous movies together, now if that's not a good reason to cast different actors I'm not sure what is. Instead they continue to use the same actors again and again, since these movies are such cookie cutter romances there is no reason why you couldn't cast different actors for these roles. I find it funny that on the company's website diversity is important to them but it's not reflected in their movies. Unfortunately, the lack of diversity is so glaringly obvious. I think it would be nice if Hallmark worked harder to improve on it.

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