Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Comic Book Wednesday: May 17th Picks

There's not a lot on this week's list just seven of my regular books including Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. I've been hearing some really disturbing things about this week's issue of Superman concerning the mistreatment of Lois Lane. It's really making me rethink continuing on with this series.

Archie Comics

Jughead #15 (Cover B - Variant Jarrell)

Book: Jughead #15


Sabrina the Teenage Witch tries to do something nice for Jughead, but it ends up creating a comedy of errors in which he's the most desired bachelor in town!

Boom! Studios

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15

Book: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15


The future of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers starts here as Tommy makes a choice that will have huge consequences for the team!

Mighty Morphin Black Power Rangers from all across dimensions meet to face off against a deadly foe!

Lastly, secret origins are revealed!

DC Comics

Aquaman #23

Book: Aquaman #23



Beleaguered by ceaseless conflict with the surface world and rising frustration with their outsider king, the people of Atlantis take steps to depose Arthur from his throne.

And he won't let go without a fight! The next major movement of the AQUAMAN saga begins here!

Odyssey Of The Amazons #5 (of 6)

Book: The Odyssey of The Amazons #5 (of 6)


The Amazons return from Valhalla, more powerful than ever.

They are going to need every ounce of their strength as the Storm Giants face off against the fire demons of Surtr, lord of Muspell, in a battle that could bring about the arrival of Ragnarok and the end of the world.

Hessia battles the Queen of the Storm Giants and learns, to her horror, the real reason why her Amazon sisters were kidnapped.

Superman #23

Book: Superman #23


'BLACK DAWN' part two!

The mysterious force behind Superman's defeat reveals itself.

Superboy wonders what is so great about Truth, Justice and the American way.

Will Jon turn against his father?

Dynamite Entertainment

Wonder Woman 77 Bionic Woman #4 (of 6) (Cover A - Staggs)

Book: Wonder Woman '77 Meet The Bionic Woman #4 (of 6)


We Rebuilt Them...Better, Faster, Stronger! In a brief respite from battle, Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) and Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman) visit the exotic Paradise Island, where some familiar faces from the past greet them! Meanwhile, the evil cadre of villains are poised to strike, and their targets will shake our heroines to the core!

Marvel Comics

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #20

Book: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #20


This is it! The epic showdown between Melissa and Squirrel Girl, as the fate of New York City - and everyone in it - hangs in the balance!

Will Melissa's secret intentions be uncovered? Will Doreen and her friends be able to stop her? Can squirrels TRULY hope to match an army made up of EVERY OTHER ANIMAL EVER?

Great news: We have studied each of these questions extremely carefully, and we are pleased to reveal our answers in this upcoming issue of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

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