Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Comic Book Wednesday: May 31st Picks

Happy Comic Book Wednesday!

Not a lot on today's list but I love the cover for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers annual issue it almost looks like a final issue cover. It's as if they're packing and moving on from being Power Rangers, I do hope that's not the consequence of Tommy's decision.

Boom! Studios

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017 Annual #1

Book: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual #1


The future of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers starts here as Tommy makes a choice that will have huge consequences for the team; Mighty Morphin Black Power Rangers from all across dimensions meet to face off against a deadly foe; and secret origins are revealed!

DC Comics

Wonder Woman Annual #1

Book: Wonder Woman Annual #1


The world of the Amazing Amazon expands in a collection of short stories that take Wonder Woman around the globe!

In the days after 'Year One,' Diana comes face-to-face with Superman and Batman for the first time, as illustrated by 'Year One' artist Nicola Scott…and years later, Liam Sharp brings you the story of how their friendship has evolved!

IDW Publishing

X-Files (2016) #14 (Subscription Variant)

Book: The X-Files (2016) #14


'Resistance,' Part 1 (of 4)

Scully receives an invitation from Firas Ben-Brahim after months of silence, and she soon discovers the dark secrets he's been keeping from her... and the rest of the world.

Image Comics

Southern Cross #12

Book: Southern Cross #12



Hazel learns the hard way that some mysteries should be left unsolved. The search for the Southern Cross is over, but with its return comes a horror no one could have imagined.

Marvel Comics

Captain America Sam Wilson #22

Book: Captain America: Sam Wilson #22



In a world that's undergone dramatic changes, Sam Wilson takes to the skies again!

What is the mission that brings Sam back out from the shadows?

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