Friday, May 26, 2017

Fashion Meets Comics: Maia Roberts (Shadowhunters)

I love Maia Roberts outfit from the Shadowhunters episode "Parabatai Lost" (s2 ep3), she wore a bomber jacket, a sleeveless crop top and jean. It's casual and easy to pull together.

I was inspired by her outfit to sort of recreate it, although her jacket and top had a design or print on them, I kept it simple. Because I know it would look great with whatever accessories were paired with it. To add a bit of versatility to this look I also included a pair of shorts to make it summer ready.


Satin Bomber Jacket                                   $24.99 (sale, regular price $34.99)              H&M (


Flowy Fit Muscle Tee                               $9.90                        Forever 21 (


Mid Rise Baby Boot Jeans                              $35.00 (sale, regular price $69.95)              Gap (


Mid Rise Denim Roll Shorts                               $35.00 (sale, regular price $49.95)           Gap (

- Cuff can be unrolled


Vince Camuto Katri Woven Bootie                     $149.95                    Nordstrom (

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