Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review: World's Finest vol #1 (New 52)

Book: World's Finest volume #1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 (issues #0-5) by Paul Levitz

Illustrations by George Perez, Kevin Maguire, Scott Koblish, Jerry Ordway, Wes Craig and Serge Lapointe

Color by Hi-Fi and Rosemary Cheetham and letters by Carlos M. Mangual and Dezi Sienty

Edition: Trade Paperback

Rating: 4 stars


When Earth 2 was invaded by Apokolips most of the heroes died in the ongoing fight. Left to continue on was Robin (Helena Wayne) and Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) but during one battle they were accidentally transported to our world leaving them trapped here. I'm going to veer off subject for a small moment but it will relate to the review. Okay, at the start of the New 52, there was this five years where things were supposed to have happened. Such as Batman had time in that five year time span to have acquired, trained and partnered individually with four different Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim "Drake" and Damian Wayne). Yeah, like that made any sense. Ultimately, that five years became a faulty plot point that left plot holes all throughout the various series in the New 52.

However, the five years concept actually works for this series because during that time period Helena and Kara used that time to research and observe their new world. They used "borrowed" monetary assets to set themselves up with a new life. Kara became Karen Starr, a scientific and technological genius using her wealth to acquire new companies for her company Starr Enterprises. She also took on the superhero alter ego Power Girl. Meanwhile, Helena tends to keep a low profile letting her superhero alter ego Huntress take center stage.

As Helena and Kara were in Tokyo celebrating Kara's latest acquisition, they get word that the building was on fire.There was an energy absorbing intruder rampaging through the place and it's possible that he has a connection to Apokolips. This encounter didn't work in the heroes favor neither did the others because the more energy he absorbed the stronger it made him. It was going to take quick thinking for Huntress and Power Girl to stop him.

World's Finest volume #1 was actually an interesting, humorous, action packed read with good writing. The artwork was also good even if the art style does occasionally change from time to time.  However, what sort of ruins this in a way is the constant switching back and forth between the past and the present, it really throws off the pacing.

Something I didn't like about this volume was that Helena Bertinelli's name had been used and discarded as nothing more than another alias for Helena Wayne. It made no sense for DC Comics to have done a bait and switch for the characters. I'm also tired of Lois Lane being killed off yet again. Although it was off page, Lois' death was yet another occurrence in her constant mistreatment in the New 52. What is about the character that has DC Comics execs so keen to injure or get rid of her? But she wasn't the only one that was killed off, Catwoman received that same treatment. Her death was used as way to fuel Helena's pain.

Huntress and Power Girl do make a good team and in their quest to return home they fight crime along the way. Power Girl was really depowered in this with a some what explanation that being in a different dimension may have affected her powers. However, prior to the New 52, Power Girl truly lived up to her name because she was a total powerhouse, her powers were on level with Superman's. I didn't understand why her costume or clothes were always destroyed leaving her partially nude in tattered clothing. I guess it was a running gag that was never funny.

Despite not being a fan Helena Wayne's version of Huntress, I did enjoy reading this. And since I have all six volumes of this series, I'm rather intrigued to continue reading this to see if they actually do make it back to their home world.

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