Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Currently Reading: Worlds' Finest vol #1 (New 52)

Helena Wayne may not be my favorite Huntress (for the record that's Helena Bertellini) but after avoiding this series for DC Comics' bait and switch with Huntress in the miniseries Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads, I decided to finally give this a read.

Book: Worlds' Finest volume #1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 (issues #0-5) by Paul Levitz

Illustrations and Ink by George Perez, Kevin Maguire, Scott Koblish, Jerry Ordway, Wes Craig and Serge Lapointe

Color by Hi-Fi and Rosemary Cheetham and letters by Carlos M. Mangual and Dezi Sienty

Edition: Trade Paperback


The Best of Both Worlds

On the parallel world of Earth 2, humanity's greatest heroes fell to the invading hordes of the planet Apokolips. During the battle, Batman's daughter and Superman's cousin -- Robin and Supergirl -- were flung to our world.

They discover our Earth is eerily similar to the one they left, but at the same time unfamiliar, dangerous and different.

After five long years, the duo is still marooned in a strange land, but under new identities. As the urban vigilante Huntress, Helena travels the world doling out nocturnal justice under a series of changing secret identities, while Karen Starr takes to the skies as the high-flying Power Girl.

The two friends may protect this world like it's their own, but it will never their home. Will the Worlds' Finest ever find their way back to Earth 2?

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