Thursday, June 1, 2017

Pride Month: Day #1: Favorite Couple: Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood

With June being Pride Month, I thought it would be a great way to show my continued support for the LGBTQ+ community with a Pride Month challenge. I will post something about my favorite characters, some artwork, favorite couples or couples that should have been, etc.. And to kick off the challenge, I decided to start with two of my new favorite characters from the Shadowhunters TV series, Magnus Bane and Alexander "Alec" Lightwood and their relationship.

Shadowhunters season two episode nine "Bound by Blood"

Magnus and Alec have a natural and physical chemistry that resonates on screen and that's due in part to actors Harry Shum, Jr. and Matthew Daddario who are fantastic in their roles. Magnus is a proud, fun loving bisexual and an extremely powerful centuries old warlock while Alec is a very serious minded 20-something (although initially closeted) gay Shadowhunter. It took Alec some time to finally become comfortable with who he was.

Prior to meeting Magnus, Alec was doing his best to avoid dealing with his sexuality and it doesn't help that in the Shadowhunter world being anything other than straight was unacceptable. He was never given the opportunity to truly be himself. Certainly not with his controlling, judgmental and overbearing parents Maryse and Robert Lightwood who expect perfection from their children and with Alec being the eldest he got the full brunt of their judgment. It's no surprise he hide who he was which he covered up with anger. He was never without a snarky or judgmental comment or look which almost seemed like a defense mechanism he used as a way to shield himself against having to deal with his sexuality. Meeting Magnus made Alec realize that he could live the life he wanted that is, if he was willing to accept who he really was.

Although equally snarky and judgmental, Magnus has embraced who he is and he's not afraid to show the world. Granted he has been around for centuries so he had plenty of time to explore and figure out who he really is. Everything about Magnus is very freeing, he expresses himself through his fashion, make up and sparkling personality. While he may seem like an open book, he had to relearn what it means to be in love after getting his heart broken by the vampire Camille Belcourt centuries ago. He wasn't looking for any sort of romance, he had already closed off his heart to love, that is until he met Alec. And what started out as a bit of flirtation turned into something more.

Shadowhunters season two episode seven "How Are Thou Fallen"

I like that their relationship grew into something deeper with them being a couple who actually talks things through and know when to apologize instead of avoiding the issue. For instance, in an episode in the first half of season two Alec was so overcome with guilt (which was intensified by magic) from killing Clary's mother that he jumped off of Magnus' rooftop balcony, thankfully he was saved. Although the scene in the next episode that showed them discussing the issue should have been longer since it was dealing with suicide. Magnus let him know that if he ever feels that down or overwhelmed again to talk to him. In the past, Magnus experienced a low moment where he contemplated taking his own life so he understood what Alec was going through. Both have a tendency to say what's on their mind (along with a little bit of snark and sass) and it's a breath of fresh air that they are not playing games or any other ridiculousness. The writers have done a great job of bringing a sense of maturity to their relationship.

I like that Magnus and Alec are in a wonderful, loving relationship yet they are independent and have their own motivations and thoughts. Not only do they love each other but they have compassion and respect for one another. I can't think of a better way to end this than by including this quote "Real love is knowing someone's weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. Knowing their flaws and accepting them for who they are."

Shadowhunters season two episode seven "How Are Thou Fallen"

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