Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Book Review: Starbrand and Nightmask: Eternity's Children (Attend University)

Book: Starbrand and Nightmask: Eternity's Children (Attend University) (issues #1-6) by Greg Weisman

Illustrations by Domo Stanton (#1-6) and Daniele Di Nicuolo (#4)

Color by Jordan Boyd (#1-4) and Rachelle Rosenberg (#4-6)

Letters by VC's Clayton Cowles

Edition: Single Print Issues

Rating: 4 stars


Superheroes Kevin Connor (Starbrand) and Adam Blackveil (Nightmask) got more than they bargained for when they enrolled in Empire State University. Adam came up with the plan for them to attend college as a way for Kevin to reconnect with humanity. Because after the tragic way Kevin acquired his Starbrand powers he became detached and uncaring.

Going to college is tough enough without having to fight a cosmic battle. Kevin and Adam barely have time to enjoy campus life before they have to constantly go up against supervillains Graviton, Nitro and Blizzard who were being cosmically controlled. Someone wants to destroy Starbrand and the Earth as a way to bring balance to the universe but these two superheroes need to figure out how to stop it.

Adam and Kevin although somewhat new to being superheroes are quick to figure things out but what they are going up against is truly out of this world. There is an interesting connection between Kevin and their dorm Resident Advisor Imani Greene and their interest in each other and how it pertains to Starbrand.

There is a lot of comedic banter in this that goes along perfectly with the action scenes. I enjoyed reading this, the college scenes were exceptionally fun, however the scenes with the Kree Starbrand were boring. They didn't really add much to the story and the discovery that resulted when the two Starbrands met was the only good part of this side story.

I like Kevin and Adam, these cosmic defenders have no real clue about life but they do have a good handle on being superheroes. I love that they are trying to have a normal life by going to college and making new friends but the cosmic/superhero stuff keeps interrupting it. Their friendship and opposite personalities really brings out the fun in this and I really wish it had not been cancelled because these six issues were a good read and it left me wanting more.

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