Thursday, July 6, 2017

Book Watch: Three Books from the CW Beauty and the Beast TV Series

I love watching the CW Network's Beauty and the Beast TV series so much that I ordered the complete series (it was released last month). I recently found out that there are three books based on the show and all I can think is why am I just now finding out about them?

I don't recall ever seeing any promotion for these books, I found them by accident and now I will add them to my wishlist because I will be buying them.

Book: Vendetta (Beauty and the Beast book #1) by Nancy Holder


During a mysterious blackout, Angelo DeMarco, the son of New York City’s most powerful family, is kidnapped. NYPD detectives Catherine Chandler and Tess Vargas are on the case when they learn of a second missing person: Cat’s father has disappeared from his prison cell on Rikers Island. Vincent is desperate to help Cat, but as tensions rise, the couple becomes caught in a trap where the only way out is to confront their pasts and prove their epic love.

Book: Some Gave All (Beauty and the Beast book #2) by Nancy Holder


Detective Catherine Chandler is on a mission to unveil the truth behind her past and discover the secrets surrounding her family. Yet, things become more complicated when she becomes romantically involved with the handsome doctor Vincent Keller, who harbors a dark secret of his own - he turns into a terrifying beast when angered. Together, they struggle to maintain their relationship whilst being pursued by the mysterious organization known as Muirfield.

Book: Fire At Sea (Beauty and the Beast book #3) by Nancy Holder


More determined than ever to focus on their hard-earned relationship, Vincent and Catherine attempt to celebrate their marriage with a romantic getaway, far from the city and the stresses of work, family, and anything else that could keep them apart. No cell phones, no guns, no beasting out—just each other. But when their tranquil cruise ship is transformed into a crime scene, there’s no escape, and Cat and Vincent are submerged in chaos. Can they bring down the threat before it brings down the ship?

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