Sunday, July 23, 2017

Currently Reading: Revenge Wears Prada

I bought this from the thrift store maybe a year or two ago. I had been searching through the shelves and really finding anything that I wanted to read when I spotted Revenge Wears Prada. I immediately grabbed it because there was no guarantee that it would still be on the shelf if I went back for it after searching through the rest of the shelves.

I loved the first book The Devil Wears Prada and wanted to read the sequel which I posted as a Book of Interest/Wish List four years ago. But to be honest I totally forgot about it until I saw it on the shelf that day at the thrift store. And then I forgot about it again while it sat on my bookcase until I spotted it and finally decided to read it. Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to reading this.

Book: Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (The Devil Wears Prada book #2) by Lauren Weisberger

Edition: Paperback


Almost a decade has passed since Andy Sachs quit the "dream" job as assistant to Miranda Priestly at Runway magazine, the dream that turned out to be a nightmare. Andy has since joined forces with her former nemesis and co-assistant Emily to start The Plunge, a high-end bridal magazine that's quickly become required reading for the young and stylish. And fittingly, Andy's upcoming nuptials to the love of her life, Max, are set to be the social event of the season.

But just when Andy thinks she can put the past behind her, a twist of fate leads her back to the darkness she barely escaped ten years ago -- and directly into the path of the devil herself...

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