Monday, July 24, 2017

I'm Disappointed in the Supergirl Cast for Mocking their Fans

I had to post something because fans should not be mocked or made to feel as if they are of no value. There are always going to be non-canon ships and for Jeremy Jordan (who stars as Winn Schott) to make a tasteless joke as a song about the Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor ship (or SuperCorp as fans have called it) during the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) made no sense. It hurt even more for fans when Melissa Benoist (who stars as Supergirl) chimed in with a comment and not to mention most of the cast laughing at the joke.

Who is it hurting if fans ship this? Absolutely no one and they did not have to disrespect many of their fans for a supposed joke. And many of the responses afterwards from some of the cast have not made things any better. From most of their responses you can tell they don't seem to understand why fans are so upset. They painted many of the fans as overreacting instead of actually trying to see what they did to hurt their fans.

The reason why fans were upset has nothing to do with trying to make SuperCorp canon, it's more to do with how the fans felt disrespected or not supported by the cast. Most fans know that Kara and Lena will never become canon but the way the message was presented as a joke is what hurt for so many.

I am really surprised that the CW network has not issued out an apology but so far they have been rather quiet letting the actors do damage control which is not really working. I'm also surprised that Melissa Benoist has not apologized. Perhaps she believes that if she doesn't say anything this will simply go away but by saying nothing, all it does it makes it seem as if she doesn't care about the shows fans.

I was disappointed because I feel like fandom should be something fun but when toxicity is introduced (be it from fans/actors/writers/etc.) it can damage the experience. Fans deserve to be appreciated and not made fun of. And trust me, Hollywood knows just how great fans are at promoting their favorite things. They give shows and movies so much free publicity from their support and energy but if fans start to feel dismissed or alienated they know when to abandon it and move on to something else.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy put out two apologies the first was self-centered and blamed the fans and the second was a genuine apology. I don't get why they thought belittling fans would be a hilarious joke. ICYMI Supergirl cast and CW it wasn't.