Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Thoughts on Teen Wolf's 6B Official Trailer

On Monday, MTV released the first official trailer for Teen Wolf 6B. After such a long wait, they eventually put out a very impressive trailer. It's so nice to see so many characters returning but I can't help wondering where is Danny, Kira, Braeden, Isaac, Sheriff Stilinski and Coach Finstock? How can you have Ethan and Jackson return but not Danny? I really can't believe Kate Argent is back, I'm sure she will bring nothing but trouble.

As disappointed as I am that Kira is not returning, I don't have a problem with Scott and Malia. I think they are a pretty good match and after watching the episodes from 6A (they are still available on the MTV website), I could see they truly have chemistry.

As cool and amazing as it is to see Stiles and Derek together in the trailer I'm not going to get my hopes up that they end up together. These two have so much chemistry and had the potential for a romance but even as an optimists it's hard to see Teen Wolf/MTV/Viacom letting this happen. But I couldn't help noticing that Teen Wolf is using Stiles and Derek's return and their scenes from the trailer as a way to promote the upcoming finale episodes (see below).

I also noticed that there are articles from different entertainment sites (Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, Hollywood Life, etc.) that are using Stiles and Derek (or Sterek) and their return as a key point of promotion. It's easy to see that MTV and these sites know what they are doing when they purposefully use these characters as promotion for the show or to attract readers to those entertainment sites.

In the past, fans have accused MTV/Teen Wolf of queerbaiting and this time fans are hoping that in these last ten episodes that there is a real possibility for Stiles and Derek and not for the characters to be used as another attempt to exploit fans.

I guess on July 30th I will have to see how the show ends and see whether Scott and his pack make it out alive or not. It will also be interesting to see if Teen Wolf actually takes a chance with Derek and Stiles but I highly doubt it will happen. Although I will be surprised if it does. However it ends, I'm sure the show will leave fans talking about it for some time.

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