Monday, July 24, 2017

New Book Purchase: Blind Date with a Book

This past Saturday, I went to the bookstore and found a display for "Blind Date with a Book". There were several books wrapped in brown paper placed on shelves with only a vague description on a sign for any indication of what the book was about.

I took a chance and grabbed this book not really sure what I would actually end up getting once I unwrapped it. I like that the books were reasonably priced, this one was on $4.95.

Once at home, I unwrapped it and was pleasantly surprised by what I got, Love and Chaos by Gemma Burgess. After doing a quick search online I found out that this the second book in the Brooklyn Girls series. I guess now I will have to buy the first book before I can read this one.

Book: Love and Chaos (Brooklyn Girls book #2) by Gemma Burgess


Love and Chaos continues the story of our five favorite grads -- Pia, Julia, Coco, Madeleine and Angie -- sharing a brownstone and starting life in New York City. While Angie's life goes from wild to worse, Coco's self-medicating and self-loathing, Pia's breaking up and cracking up, Madeleine's finding her voice, and Julia might -- just might -- have met someone she can actually date.

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