Tuesday, January 27, 2015

30 Day Geek Chic Challenge, Day #15: Asami Sato and Peggy Carter: Retro Glam

Day #15: Asami Sato and Peggy Carter: Retro Glam

(for yesterday, Jan. 26th)

What do these two classy women have in common besides being smart and capable sophisticated women who are totally able to take care of themselves? Retro Glam.

Agent Margaret "Peggy" Carter and Asami Sato are known for their trademarks of beauty: red nails, red lipstick, bold lashes and gorgeous curls. This elegant yet simple beauty is very easy to do.

Let the 1940s be your inspiration. First thing you have to do if you have not already found your perfect shade of red lipstick and nail polish, is to find it. Yeah, I know it sounds so simple but you want to find the right shade that will flatter your complexion or it will it will have the opposite affect.

Second, is eyeliner and mascara. For the mascara you want one that will lengthen and make your lashes look fuller.

Last are the beautiful curls. The tools of the trade back then were: pin curls, sponge rollers and hot rollers but since time is of the essence a curling or flat iron are a good substitute. But if you have the time, use the retro tools to get a more traditional look and don't forget the hairspray.

Easy, Effortless, Elegance.

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