Thursday, January 29, 2015

30 Day Geek Chic Challenge, Day #17: Ty Lee: It's okay to be happy

Day #17: Ty Lee: It's okay to be happy

(for Wed. Jan. 28th, sorry for posting this today but after taking cold medicine yesterday I was too tired to do anything)

It could not have been easy growing up in the Fire Nation as well as having Azula as a friend (but at least she had Mai as a friend) and somehow she still stayed relatively cheerful.

I wonder if some of her happy personality helped while she was a performer at the circus, she left her aristocratic life to join the circus because she was tired of feeling like a matched set since she and her sisters all look a like. She wanted to stand out from the crowd which is surprising since she ended up joining the Kyoshi Warriors at the end of the war. The Kyoshi Warriors all wear the same uniform and make-up which makes it hard to distinguish one from the other. But I guess by then she had found out how to be an individual. And it helped that she was no longer blindly following Azula's orders and could think for herself.

Anyway, throughout everything she's been through including being imprisoned in a Fire Nation prison nothing really seemed to ruin her good mood. 

As an overly optimistic person sometimes it seems like no one want us cheerful people around but I say who cares. The challenge is just to be okay with being happy. We're bubbly and sunny, that's just the way we are.

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