Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Review: The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six vol #1

Book: The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six volume #1 (issues #1-6) by James Kuhoric with illustration by Juan Antonio Ramirez and David T. Carera with color Fran Gamboa

Source: Borrowed from Publisher/NetGalley for an honest review

Publication: Available now


Better. Stronger. Faster.

The original Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin, was a man barely alive — until the OSI transformed him into the world's first Bionic Man!

Now, he and Oscar Goldman are the most effective team in National Security. But a rogue faction in the OSI is making a power play for that position with a new type of infiltration agent — one that is completely obedient and robotic.

Fan-favorite classic action figure Maskatron joins the official Six Million Dollar Man original television continuity.

Can a soulless machine that wears Steve Austin's very face make the Six Million Dollar Man obsolete?

And as Steve's world is threatened from within, his very actions unknowingly release an alien menace upon an unsuspecting world.

It's a return to the original 1970s Six Million Dollar Man in all its groovy bionic glory!

Rating: 4 stars


I was pleasantly surprised by how good this was because sometimes with media tie-in books the writer doesn't always capture the feel of the TV show but the writer did with this.

In this first volume, Steve Austin and special guest Jamie Sommers found themselves dealing with a whole hosts of issues from the Bionics division being shut down to an alien contamination. There are a lot of behinds the scenes problems at OSI which has resulted in a killer android on the loose and someone is planning on taking out Steve for good. But this is all just a day at the office for the bionic duo.

I like the illustrations but I think the artist did a better job drawing Steve than with Jamie because Steve looked more like Lee Majors while Jamie had a generic face instead of looking even remotely like Lindsay Wagner.

This was a good read and would be perfect for fans of the original The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman TV series.

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