Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book Review: Marvel Universe: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! The Avengers #15

Book: Marvel Universe: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! The Avengers #15 adapted by Joe Caramagna with illustrations and cover art by Christopher Jones

Rating: 5 stars


This issue is based on the second season third episode "Acts of Vengeance" that was written by Michael Ryan. I bought this a while ago (meaning a couple of years) at the comic book store and I am just now getting around to reading it.

In both this issue and the cartoon episode, The Enchantress is on the attack going after Zemo and the rest of the Masters of Evil after being double crossed. The villains seek aid from the Avengers but before the villains agree to the terms Zemo wants Captain America's word that they would be free to go after everything is done with. Cap was hesitant to give his word because he knows Zemo can not be trusted but knew they had to hurry up and stop The Enchantress.

With agreements settled the Avengers create a plan to stop Amora, the team separate with Cap, Wasp and the Hulk staying at the mansion to watch the villains while the Black Panther gets started on the trap. That left Iron Man and Hawkeye to try to get the Enchantress to follow them back for the trap.

This was a very well-written issue and it had all the energy and excitement from that episode. I like the color and illustrations it was almost as if they had just used screen shots instead creating artwork.

I really liked watching Earth's Mightiest Heroes! The Avengers and was surprised when it had gotten cancelled. Reading this comic made me remember why I like this show so much because plain and simple it was fun to watch. It was one of the best superhero cartoons. I like the Avengers Assemble cartoon series but I do miss seeing some the old characters that are not in the current series.

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