Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Review: Adventures of Superman #2

Book: Adventures of Superman #2 by various writers and artists

Edition: Print issue

Rating: 5 stars


This issue includes three very interesting stories:

1st story: The Bottle City of Metropolis by J.M. DeMatteis with illustrations by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Sal Buscema with color by Tony Avina

In this story, Superman keeps spotting a mysterious man wherever he goes. He has no idea who this man is and why he keeps showing up. But when he shows up at the Fortress of Solitude it only leads to more questions. He seems to know a lot about Superman but is he there to help or hinder the Man of Steel?

This story has an interesting "The Twilight Zone" like twist at the end. I like this story because in the beginning you get to see Superman enjoy being himself but not in an ego centric sort of way. He was appreciating all the things that he can do to help people.

2nd story: Slow News Day by Joshua Hale Fialkov with illustrations by Joelle Jones and color by Nick Filardi

What a fun story this was.

It looked like it was going to be a very slow news day for Lois and Clark that is until Perry White steps in and hands out an assignment. However it's for the Dog Show. To add a little excitement to their day, the duo makes a bet to see who can find the best story at the event.

But before Clark can even get there, Superman had to deal with one emergency after another all over the city. Will he ever get to the Dog Show? I love how competitive Lois and Clark are in this and the ending was fitting for this duo.

3rd story: Best Intent by Michael Avon Deming and Bryan J.L. Glass with illustrations by Michael Avon Deming and color by Nick Filardi

This last story deals with time travel of sorts, Kerry Quinn with the assistance of an alien, Babul have figured out a way to travel through time to capture a Kryptonian baby. Superman and a Guardian of Time were on their way to rescue the baby in hopes of repairing the time problem. After it's all said and done can Superman really let this child go back to Krypton and suffer the fate of his home world? If he keeps the baby is that going to cause more problems?

Again this story has a interesting twist to it because the Guardian was trying to save more than just the current time problem but perhaps an entire future.

Adventures of Superman is a joy to read because you get a good variety of stories. Since this short lived series (there was only 17 print issues) wasn't tied to the New 52, the writers got a chance to create stories that didn't fit into the current norm. This is the Superman that may have been deemed "uncool" by DC executives but is still a favorite amongst fans.

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