Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Comic Book Wednesday: May 24th Picks

Who doesn't love Comic Book Wednesday? A day of new comic books it's like a weekly holiday. And with so much horribleness happening in the world sometimes it's nice to take a moment simply just to read.

What's on my list, I can't wait to read? Ghostbusters 101, Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, well, pretty much my entire list. Every book looks like a good read.

So, what's everyone picking up this week?

DC Comics

Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 #5 (of 6)

Book: Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 #5 (of 6)


The action heats up in 1970s Gotham City as the Amazon Princess arrives in Man's World in search of her old ally, Batman!

Instead, she finds a new hero: a motorcycle-riding daredevil with a familiar face and a new crime-fighting costume!

Detective Comics #957

Book: Detective Comics #957


'The Wrath Of Spoiler'!

Stephanie Brown wants nothing more than to save Gotham City from the epidemic of costumed vigilantes and madmen that regularly tear the city apart.

But before she can try to stop them, she must face the challenge of one in particular: the insane idealogue the Wrath is back, and Stephanie knows what he has planned-but she refuses to let Batman risk more lives to stop him.

That means it's all on her...and a very unlikely ally!

Scooby Doo Team Up #26

Book: Scooby-Doo Team-Up #26


Scooby and the gang can handle phony ghosts and goblins, but a gang of high-kicking martial arts dragons? Only one superhero can help them: that Number One Super-Guy, Hong Kong Phooey!

By the time the dust clears, will Scooby solve the mystery and earn a black belt around his waist, or just a yellow streak down his back?

Wonder Woman #23

Book: Wonder Woman #23


'The Truth' part five!

The conclusion to Diana's search for the truth takes her on a journey into darkness.

But the price of understanding may be one sacrifice too many for Wonder Woman…

IDW Publishing

Ghostbusters 101 #3

Book: Ghostbusters 101 #3


This is it! The Original Ghostbusters finally come face to face with those who Answer The Call! Inter-dimensional travel is no new thing to the original boys in grey and their colleagues, but this is the first time that dimensions have ever overlapped and threatened to merge -- which could be a worse fate than total protonic reversal!

Bullet points: Straight outta the 2016 film, the Answer the Call Ghostbusters make their comic book debut! Abby, Patty, Erin and Holtzmann join forces with Winston, Egon, Ray and Venkman for some bombastic ghostbustin' insanity!

Image Comics

Rat Queens #3

Book: Rat Queens #3



A mysterious quest for a local gourmet chef leads the Queens on a raucous adventure far outside the safety of Palisade's walls. What possible trouble could a gang of five heavily armed women get into while hunting for rare mushrooms?

Marvel Comics

Black Panther #14

Book: Black Panther #14



The Wakandan gods have been silent for too long and T'Challa has no answers for his people.

T'Challa communes with the spirits of former Black Panthers for insight and all roads lead to a man from T'Challa's past…but first T'Challa must deal with the mind-warping DOCTOR FAUSTUS!

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