Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wonder Woman Movie Challenge: Day #10: Gal Gadot's Quote About Wonder Woman

"I remember when we first met and started to talk about families and life, I told [Patty Jenkins] about my grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, and he had taught me that no matter how dark it gets in life, you need to find your inner light. Compassion is a very big thing. It was important to both of us that this movie has a profound message that everyone can relate to and take home and practice immediately."

"She [Wonder Woman] embodies all the most wonderful qualities that I love in people. She’s curious, warm, loving and inclusive. She assumes the best out of everyone. She’s curious and sassy and has her own attitude. At the same time, she’s not trying to be perfect. She can be very vulnerable and confused, but fixed on her mission. I love everything about her. Because she’s not perfect, but she’s whole and interesting."

~ Gal Gadot at the Wonder Woman Q&A in Los Angeles

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