Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pride Month: Day #18: Prodigy (David Alleyne)

Prodigy (David Alleyne), a former X-Men and Young Avenger, is beyond smart. His intelligence is pretty much off the charts. But that's nothing new for fans of David however during the Marvel Now Young Avengers series, it was revealed that he was bisexual. It was the first time that he ever admitted it. As he stated in issue #9 "it was like an awakening. It was like realizing something that was always true and I just couldn’t see it until now.”

He's definitely very reserve but he has his humorous side. But something I find interesting is that he may or may not be in a canon/non-canon relationship with fellow Young Avenger Tommy Shepherd (Speed). Fans took the kiss shown in the issue Secret Wars: Secret Love as confirmation but who knows.

Illustration: Young Avengers issue #9

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