Thursday, June 15, 2017

The CW Network Should Give Superman A TV Series

The first season of Supergirl which originally aired on CBS mentioned Superman/Clark Kent so much that it's no wonder they eventually brought him in for the second season which aired on the CW network.

Tyler Hoechlin starred as the Man of Steel for several episodes and did such a spectacular job that fans have been wondering if the CW network will give Superman his own series. I think it would be fantastic because then viewers could finally see Lois Lane and maybe even Perry White. And since the Supegirl series doesn't seem to know what to do with Jimmy Olsen (played by Mehcad Brooks) then maybe he could be moved over to Superman.

A Superman series would be a dream come true for fans and with a growing interest in Hoechlin's Superman it's hard to believe that the executives at the CW network would not want to capitalize on it. They should give him a show because I want to see The Daily Planet trio of Lane, Kent and Olsen out there investigating stories in the face of danger as well as Superman fighting crime, stopping villains and saving the day. I would also like to see how the show would explore Lois and Clark's relationship.

A question I have seen asked is, if Hoechlin can carry a series? I believe he can, he's a very good actor but he would certainly need a good supporting cast to round out the show. Smallville was the last time Superman had a show on TV which came to an end in 2011. It focused on a young Clark Kent growing up and finding his way to becoming his future alter ego Superman. The new show, if developed would not have to focus too much on his past because this is a Clark Kent/Superman who is already established in Metropolis and the world.

With that said, will the CW give Superman a series? I hope so, season two of Supergirl left fans wanting more.

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