Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Toy Corner: Funko Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)

I had to get this Funko because I like Scott McCall. He was just a typical teenager until he went along with his friend Stiles Stilinski to go into the woods looking for half of a dead body (the police had already found the other half). It's hard to believe Scott let Stiles talk him into going into the woods at night to look for a body. Those two are such idiots. And thanks to their recklessness Scott got bitten by a werewolf and that bite dragged him into the world of the supernatural. But he used his new abilities to be a hero and although he might fail at times or make mistakes, Scott never stops trying to help.

Now that I have Funkos for Scott and Stiles, I wonder if the company will make figures for the other Teen Wolf characters?

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