Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fashion Meets Comics: Hermione Granger Quote Tote Bag

I'm the Queen of Tote Bags well at least that's what I call myself because I have so many of them. I like using them to carry all my stuff in especially since I use mostly small purses. I haven't bought a tote in a while but I do like this Hermione Granger quote tote, even if it's a misquote. Ron Weasley is the one who said it but it was about her. The quote "Because that’s what Hermione does," said Ron, shrugging. "When in doubt, go to the library." is in the second book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I do like this tote because Hermione knew the importance of the library. She could always be found in there either studying, finding a book to read for fun, researching and looking for a particular book that could help them.

Although, it might not have been Hermione who said this, I still want to get it. I think this would make a great bookish tote.

When In Doubt Go to the Library tote bag                            $18.00                 Out of Print (

- 15" w x 17" h and it has an inner pocket

- A purchase of this bag sends one book to a community in need

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