Saturday, July 15, 2017

Magazine: TV Guide Comic-Con Special (Supergirl Cover)

I went to the bookstore looking for the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con issue with Black Panther on the cover but I don't think it's out until next week. However, I did find this TV Guide Comic-Con issue with Supergirl on the cover.

There are three additional covers (Supernatural, The Flash/Arrow/Black Lightning and Riverdale) but this was the only cover I wanted. I couldn't help noticing that each of the covers feature a CW network TV series, why wasn't there more variety? It would have been nice to have a cover that featured Gotham or the syfy channel's Killjoys or Teen Wolf or Shadowhunters, unfortunately the last three shows were not even included in the magazine. That's not to say there isn't some really interesting stuff in this because it is, I was just surprised that those shows were not even featured and a lack of variety for the covers.

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