Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Book Purchase: Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings

Since it's Thorsday, I can't think of a better day to post my recent new book, Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings. I'm so glad that Sif has this book (love the cover), she is so underappreciated. I'm still waiting for Marvel to give her an ongoing comic book series, like that will happen anytime soon.

The first book Thor: Dueling with Giants in this three book series was so good that I couldn't wait to read this second one. And not only because Sif is the main character but because first book was very well-written and the characters so well researched that I can't wait to see what author does with Sif's story.

Book: Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings (Tales of Asgard Trilogy book 2) by Keith R.A. DeCandido


In the action-packed Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings, Marvel's Tales of Asgard trilogy tells of the adventures of another of the realm's greatest warriors.

When the nearby village of Flodbjerge is terrorized by a dragon, one of its citizens races to Asgard seeking the help of Thor. But with the God of Thunder incapacitated following a battle, it is Sif who must answer the call -- much to the villager's dismay. Despite being one of Asgard's most skilled fighters, Sif is used to being doubted.

She's also used to overcoming those doubts.

There's a reason Sif is known as the Unstoppable. But both her reputation and her life are on the line as she faces the fearsome dragon, Oter. The face-off won't be straightforward either -- the winged beast has a secret that Sif will have to unravel in order to defeat him before the village and its people go up in flames.

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