Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Review: Adventures of Superman #4

Book: Adventures of Superman #4 by various writers and artists 
Cover by Bruce Timm and Nick Filardi

Rating: 5 stars


Three very good stories in this issue:

1st story: A Day In The Life by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with illustrations by Wes Craig and color by Lee Loughridge

In this story, the reader gets a look into the life of Lex Luthor and as expected his day is full of treachery. For someone as smart and good at business as Lex is, he uses all his abilities to do nothing but take advantage of others and then do everything he can to get rid of Superman. Also, throughout the story you see Superman trying to stop this huge robot.

What I love is the ending because although Clark couldn't prove Lex had anything to do with that robot he certainly let Lex know in a clever way that he knew.

2nd story: The Deniers! by Tom DeFalco with illustrations by Pete Woods

This story opens with Phil and Moze, two regulars at a local diner when they start discussing the news of the day, an impending meteor to strike the city. That's when Phil a total skeptic starts talking about how he doesn't believe that a meteor will strike the city nor does he believe in Superman.

While Phil is mapping out his whole conspiracy theory about Superman and superheroes in general, Superman is going around stopping a couple of emergencies. And while Phil is talking, Superman stops not only that meteor out in space but robbers in a high powered robot trying to steal from a bank.

Again, love the ending of this one as well, just as Phil and Moze were leaving the diner Clark, Lois and Jimmy enter. Turns out Phil is a friend of Clark's and although he doesn't believe in Superman, he knows that Clark is someone you can believe in. He's just that good of a person.

3rd story: Savior by Rob Williams with illustrations by Chris Weston

This story so made me want to rewatch the first Superman movie and the artwork was just amazing. The way Superman was drawn in this resembles George Reeves.

Anyway on to the story, in Savior, Martha Kent narrates this tale. She talks about how Clark barely manages to take time out to relax, he goes non-stop from one emergency to the next. She wishes he could stay for dinner just once before having to rush off.

Meanwhile back in Metropolis, Perry White wants Clark to start working on a new assignment to find out why a judge unexpectedly released a kidnapper. That's when Clark was starting to wonder where Lois Lane was. She was supposed to be finding information about the kidnapper but some how she got a little too close to the story and just might need a little bit of help.

This had a very nice ending with Superman saving the day for Lois and the kidnapped victim to finally making time to have dinner with his mother. Joining them was the adorable Krypto the superdog.

I love this series, it's so much fun to read.

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