Sunday, May 17, 2015

Supergirl TV Series, A Possible Change of Opinion?

My initial reaction when I first saw the trailer for Supergirl (besides it reminding me of the SNL Black Widow trailer) was they were trying to turn Kara into Clark Kent. She never used a nerdy, klutzy, clueless persona to hide the fact that she was this super powered being. That was Clark's thing and even he has barely been written like that anymore. She was also never this insecure and self-conscious character, she's always been confident and maybe even a bit headstrong but never anything like this. Although, Kara is supposed to be 24 years old in this series why does she seem so immature and childish at times?

From the trailer it looks like this is not a persona but her actual personality. Maybe this will this change as the show progress.

Another thing that seems to be the norm with most superhero shows now is the hero needs help figuring out not only their powers, their costume but what they should do. Wouldn't it be better for Kara to figure it out herself?

Why did they turn Cat Grant into a poorly written clone of The Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestly? Cat Grant is supposed to be a good reporter/journalist why resort to such clichés?

Even with all these questions and a few complaints I have decided to give this show a chance. Why? Because perhaps it will surprise me and be really amazing, awesome, stupendous, or just a plain good show. Or it could be awful but I won't know unless I watch it.  So I will be tuning in with a completely open mind.

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